the sun came out at tintagel castle!


after three full days of wind, rain and fog, we decided to try our luck with weather and make one stop on our way back to london from cornwall. and…we lucked out.

we rushed to pack up and leave our cottage when we saw the sun had peaked out, and then drove to tintagel castle – a little peninsula speckled with ancient ruins and dusted with legend (they say this spot has significant ties to the story of king arthur). and the sunshine held out! and gave way to a spectacularly beautiful afternoon.

IMG_1601IMG_1608IMG_1614IMG_1622 IMG_1609IMG_1634IMG_1642 IMG_1644IMG_1651IMG_1657 IMG_1680IMG_1659IMG_1665IMG_1677IMG_1683IMG_1687IMG_1693 IMG_1695

we were all three so happy to have that gorgeous little finishing touch on our cornwall adventure (that had previously felt like a bit of a fail). we saw some stunning scenery on our drive east back to the city.


ian and i both continue to love england more and more the longer we live here. i’m so glad and grateful to call this green and pleasant land home.



  1. Beautiful, Charity. This castle is on my list of places to see.

  2. Can you suggests places to stay in Cornwall Area. Will be there in Oct.


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