the mo turns one!

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9 july was a special day that marked one year with our little moses! we were lucky to celebrate with family – grandma, grandpa, uncle brig, aunt luci, and cousin sophia. it was incredibly tender to think back on the three hundred and sixty five days since moses thames arrived earthside. in private, i experienced several beautiful, teary moments of overwhelming gratitude, love and joy. and all together, we partied!

to be frank, moses’s first birthday went about the same as his actual birth day one year previous – nothing quite went as planned/envisioned – haha! poor little mo – usually bursing with smiles and giggles and glee - was under the weather and just not himself. we ended up enjoying a special birthday breakfast and cake and ice cream without moses because he was grumpy and had gone to sleep. we were sad for moses that he couldn’t delight as much in things that usually bring him lots of delight. but we showered him in love and affection, and i like to think he felt our extra concentration of gratitude and adoration on his special day.

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^^ our sister-in-law lucia made the yummiest birthday breakfast for everyone. check out her food blog! ^^
^^ moses yawning through an attempt for a family picture on the back porch swings :) ^^
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^^ ian’s mom’s grandfather (so moses’s great great grandfather!) made that rocking horse! little mo loved it. we tried to get some good one-year-old pictures of our boy, but he wasn’t in quite the mood for posing. he’s so so sweet, even when he’s sick. ^^
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^^ i made one of mo’s favourite meals for dinner and made sure everyone (including baby sophie!) wore a party hat :) ^^
aaaaand, here’s an obnoxious number of photos of moses with his birthday cake. grandma wright made the most awesome under-the-sea themed (to go with our trip to the aquarium and mo’s favourite book) cakes – one for the adults and one smaller one just for moses to dig into. i wish grandma could make a cake for all of our kids’ birthdays every year – she is so so good at it! (after moses went to bed on his birthday, all the adults sat around and laughed and admired pictures of ian  and all of his siblings with their amazing cakes lovingly made by their mom for each birthday – the decorations so varied and awesome.)
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^^ haha isn’t this series of photos amazing?! he wasn’t too into those kisses in that moment! ^^
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mo’s cake smash didn’t go quiiiite as expected – if he wasn’t sick he for sure would have gone wild shoveling that goodness into his mouth – but instead he just curiously picked at the candy decorations on top.
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^^ brown sugar sand and chocolate rocks and gummy fishies and sharks and octopi! thank you again for this super special gift, grandma wright! ^^
^^ moses opened a couple of presents before bed, and then we all partied some more with the adult cake and some ice cream while he tried to sleep off that cough and runny nose! ^^
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^^ a good night’s rest definitely helped! the next day moses was all about smashing that cake – yay! ^^
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<<< one more photo of the adult cake. because isn’t it awesome?!

i really can’t believe we have a one year old! this tiny boy has filled our lives with a crazy amount of crazy joy. i don’t know what we did with ourselves before he came along! ian and i are so grateful to be parents, and every night we kneel and thank god for sending moses to our family. he is teaching us so much and watching him grow up has been the most intensely sweet experience. the past year has undoubtedly been the best of my life because of this little boy (and his dad being his dad).

i am so excited for another year ahead with moses thames.


  1. I love seeing pix - & videos - of babies with their smash cakes, they look so cute & funny.

    I'm sorry Moses wasn't feeling very well on his birthday but glad he got to enjoy the cake the next day:)

    I can never understand why babies in the UK don't have a smash cake on their birthday, mostly all they have a small slice of cake & that's it!

    Thank you for sharing the pix of Moses's 1st birthday with us, I really enjoyed them.


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