ten thoughts on a wednesday |16|
{new years' resolutions}

tomorrow morning we are headed out on an epic adventure - ian and i, along with my brother eli and his wife julie, are taking three small children to the faroe islands. 

haven't heard of the faroe islands? neither had we, until recently. just a quick google image search reveals that it's a place of absolutely unreal beauty. and the fact that it's relatively unknown/untouched makes it even more alluring. 

when eli and julie told us they were coming to visit and wanted to take a trip with us while they were on this side of the pond, we contemplated england's lake district, scotland, and northern ireland. then, ian threw out faroe islands, on a whim and quite jokingly. then, eli spent a couple of hours watching youtube drone videos and was hooked

the thing is, it's not particularly easy or cheap to get to the faroe islands, and it's not exactly a prime spot for traveling with kids. but just as we were about to buy flights to belfast, i texted eli and said, "i wonder if we should just go crazy and go to the faroe islands, what the heck." and he texted back and said, "yeah. yolo." so we booked train tickets to edinburgh and flights to vagar island -  and started praying for good weather in a notoriously foggy/rainy/chilly place ;) 

all that is to say that i won't be blogging for a week or so while we are adventuring (three small kids on ferrys and cliffs and helicopters is going to be truly an adventure!) - but i'm excited to share what we experience and discover when we return to london! 

for today, before we leave on our trip, i just wanted to share ten really quick thoughts that are actually ten really earnest resolutions. i always feel like september is another chance at new years' resolutions - even though i haven't been in school for many years, life still feels like it gets a delicious, refreshing new start in at the beginning of autumn. lately, i've been feeling a tugging desire and need to improve my self-disciple and revamp my daily habits. it has been tricky for me to find the right balance and to be really productive since i became a stay-at-home-mom. and i figured that publishing my resolutions publicly keeps me more accountable! 

here's ten things i want to resolve to do consistently...
1. plan the next day each night before falling asleep 
2. go to sleep before 10:30pm at least five nights a week
3. start each day with a stellar morning: prayer, scripture study, exercise, and a tidy flat before 9am or moses's first nap
4. limit time on my phone (i have a specific timed goal - i keep track of screen time with the app moment)
5. truly only have treats on holidays (i've been slacking on this life rule of mine) and eat a veggie/protein based diet at least five days a week
6. instead of looking at my phone while nursing moses (right after he wakes up and right before he goes to sleep), use that time to pray and meditate
7. push myself while exercising at least five days a week (rather than just doing the same old cardio workout)
8. update our budget spreadsheet twice per week
9. take at least twenty focused minutes each day to read the scriptures and/or study the notes i've taken about improving myself
10. do one small act of service every single day (and talk about this with ian so i don't forget!)

i am determined to be better this fall! what are resolutions you've made recently, and what are your tips for sticking to resolutions?! 

happy wednesday! life is beautiful!


  1. Spend less time reading blogs... So that one's going well. :-D

    I've deleted apps from my phone, because I hope that way I use it less. Funny though that you think you're not productive when I think you do so much!

  2. So good to reset the goals ..... Thanks got the reminder. I find if, the night before, I map out at least the main things to achieve the next day, then the day is so much more productive. I need to focus more on exercise... Work has been taking up too much time & exercise has fallen by the wayside.

  3. Your blog looks awesome! Those are all wonderful goals and look quite a bit like mine! I will be looking forward to hearing about your vacation adventure!

  4. I like the new look of the blog. Looks brill.

    I always look forward to September, mainly because I suffer from summer SAD.

    I mainly want to start reading the scriptures, organising my house & doing more on my memory books.

    Have a lovely holiday, especially as it's a bank holiday weekend.

  5. Seems like Ian's "earnestness" is rubbing off on you! Nice blog remodel!

  6. Love the new look! We are here in Eli ad Julie's apartment while they are there with you! They are so nice to supply us refuge in this lovely spot while we are here in the Big Apple! PLUS we get to see all of them when they arrive 48 hours before we head for home! Love the new resolutions! Reminds me so much of my lists when I was your age, even though we've never really talked about that! Must be in the genes! :)


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