faroe islands: eysturoy

London-Faroe 2017-997

after exploring vagar and mykines islands, we drove to a little airbnb cottage in the tiny village of gjógv on the island of eysturoy. the village is nestled into a little cove overlooking the ethereal landscape of the neighboring island of kalsoy, and it is spectacularly charming in such a unique way - surrounded in lush green mountains and filled in with colourful houses. we got to gjógv after dark the first night we stayed there, so it was exciting to wake up, head out on a morning walk and take in our stunning locale. we strolled around the village before heading off to hike to the top of slættaratindur, the highest point in the faroe islands. we had read somewhere that the hike to the top was surprisingly quite easy and didn’t take very long, so we figured we’d give it a whirl with three kids in tow.

yeah, whatever we read was wrong. the hike was hard! for us in-decent-shape adults! let alone for us with kids strapped to us; let alone for four-year-old zara! but the views on the way up were just so alluring, and the top continually looked deceivingly close, so hike to the tippy top we did. it wasn’t an easy feat, but we did it! i was seriously so proud of zara. it was a huge adventure. and the views from the top really were worth it (and cannot be captured in these photos!!).

eysturoy island is pretty rad!

^^ our airbnb, and our sweet ride. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-915

London-Faroe 2017-918 London-Faroe 2017-927
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we asked several faroese people how to pronounce the name of this village – gjógv – but could never quite figure out how to make it sound correct in our mouths. we resorted to calling it gee-gov, which is utterly wrong (the true pronunciation is more like the name jake). unpronounceable or not, we loved this spot. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-953
^^ we had to stop to take this picture on our way to the hike. can you see that tiny village down by the water? and check out that switchback road! i love experiencing extreme beauty with my siblings – they understand and feel the total freak out with me … it’s in our blood. faroe islands with eli was awesome. ^^
^^ starting out on the hike, having no idea what we were getting into… ^^
IMG_4010 IMG_4014
^^ but with views like this on the way up, you just can’t turn around when it gets really challenging!! ^^
London-Faroe 2017-956
^^ julie is so so great. in this picture little dean is holding up a starburst awarded to him by uncle ian. there was lots of candy bribery going on during our trip to the faroe islands. it worked like a charm ;) ^^
^^ nearing the tippy top – man, it’s hard to try to represent what this looked like in real life. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-972
^^ our reward! stunning views from the top. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-967
^^ there was this little enclosure at the top of the mountain, which was perfect for a lunch picnic … and as a clear boundary for the kids among all the steepness. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-978
London-Faroe 2017-985
London-Faroe 2017-984
^^ we made the kids stay inside the rock enclosure while we enjoyed the views closer to the edge :) ^^
London-Faroe 2017-1004
London-Faroe 2017-1068
^^ starting our descent, which was in some ways harder than going up. keeping zara from slipping and our footing stable with babies strapped to us was quite a challenge. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-1073
^^ a little break halfway down the mountain. moses was such a champ throughout all of this. ^^
IMG_9380 London-Faroe 2017-1079
^^ triumph at the bottom! way to go, zara!! i still can’t believe she hiked that thing! ^^

i have one more post of pictures from faroe islands to publish tomorrow. this incredible place needs to be shared!! i’d never even heard of it a year ago, and now it’s one of my all-time favourite places on the planet.


  1. Wow! I would be a nervous-wreck hiking down that thing with my baby strapped to me or to my husband. I'm sure there would be some stressful moments as I would be lecturing him the whole way down ("babe, watch you're step. be careful please! don't go that way" haha). Seriously in aw... but probably a "don't try this at home folks!" kind of thing.

  2. This is such a fascinating trip! Do you know what people there tend to do for a living? I'm always intrigued how little towns can sustain economically.

    1. we were trying to figure that out while we were there! i am also fascinated by this! fishing is the big industry in the faroe islands. but i guess, just like any other community, they need teachers, doctors, grocers, accountants, etc...

    2. You can get a loose idea of this from the CIA's World Factbook (which is such a fun resource). Looks like, aside from fishing, the major industries are tourism, small ship repair, and handicrafts. https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/geos/fo.html

  3. Looks so idyllic! I especially love the sibling pictures with arms stretched out and giant smiles :) Adding the Faroe Islands to my travel bucket list :)

    1. -Somehow I cannot comment in a new comment, only with a reply, but I had to share this regarding your recent trip to the Faroe Islands:
      The Faroe Island tourism board published a very creative marketing campaign and designed a "Faroe Island Translator"- since google does not translate their language:


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