faroe islands: vagar


i just really feel at a loss when it comes to describing and sharing our experiences in the faroe islands. the unbelievable beauty there is thoroughly impossible to capture. as is just the feeling of being in a spot so remote, untouched, and wild – it was such a thrill to realize that a place like this exists on our planet. we really were all blown away. and looking back still can’t believe it all. the whole experience was unreal.

as i’ve gone through our pictures, i just feel so disappointed at how inadequately they represent the wonder of the scenes we saw. but they give a taste – for sharing and for remembrance. the next few posts on this blog are going to be total faroe island photo dumps … but i hope someone out there is inspired by this natural beauty and the allure of this fantastic place.

so – first up … here’s some pictures from our time on vagar island…

^^ the flight in was just jaw-dropping. on this second from-the-plane-window picture, can you pick out the lake, that seems to hang over the ocean, on the far right side of the island? that’s where we headed first after we landed and picked up our car. ^^
IMG_9362 IMG_9363
^^ from london, we had taken a four hour train ride to edinburgh, and then a little flight to vagar airport. by the time we arrived, we were pretty excited to finally be in the faroes! ^^
^^ we drove into a small town, already completely amazed by the magic of this place, and picked up some groceries, before heading to sørvágsvatn, the largest lake in the faroe islands. ^^
IMG_9120 IMG_9122
^^ when we parked our van at the trailhead along the lake, we were so pumped up to start exploring (we were blasting music and freaking out at all the unique beauty around us). all that excitement came to a bit of a screeching halt when zara fell into a little mud hole off the side of the road. she started bawling and we all started belly laughing :) we got her pants and shoes changed lickety split and she was good as new. ^^
IMG_9366 London-Faroe 2017-586
our walk along the lake and then up the hill to overlook things was iiiiiincredible. the world was glowing around us as the sun started to set over the cliffs, green green grass, dynamic clouds, shimmering lake and ocean, and baaaahing sheep. it was all pretty magical.
London-Faroe 2017-897

^^ isn’t it just so cool how the lake seems to hang on the edge of the cliffs over the sea? ^^
London-Faroe 2017-584
^^ the cliffs were pretty sheer, so it was a bit unnerving to be up there in the evening wind, especially with three little ones. we were holding on to each other! ^^
London-Faroe 2017-594 London-Faroe 2017-601
London-Faroe 2017-588
^^ we had to hurry back to make it to the van before it got dark. it was a great adventure. ^^
^^ we made it! and then agreed that that hike was probably one of the top five outdoor experiences of our lives. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-623
^^ we stayed that night at this awesome turfed-roof airbnb. and check our our sweet ride! ^^
^^ can you believe these drone shots that my brother got? can you find our camoflagued little cottage? ^^
IMG_9368 London-Faroe 2017-622
^^ we homemade simple dinners every night in the faroe islands. this first night we were so exhausted! and excited to see the pretty views in the morning. ^^
London-Faroe 2017-633
that morning, we drove through gorgeous scenes to the ferry terminal to take a boat to the island of mykines, which was sensational. pictures from mykines coming in the next post.
after our epic adventure hiking on mykines, we returned to vagar and drove to the village of gasadalur, to see the mulafossur waterfall.
London-Faroe 2017-878London-Faroe 2017-854
^^ (sorry this picture is pretty blurry, but…!) there were some puffins there enjoying the beauty with us! ^^
London-Faroe 2017-856
London-Faroe 2017-867
London-Faroe 2017-883
^^ can you spot us teeny tiny humans among all this expansive beauty? ^^

faroe islands pictures to be continued… :)


  1. How did you get those pictures from so far away??

  2. I absolutely love how you adventure with your (now) extended family. It's a balance I am still trying to work out but it is so inspiring to see you all experiencing these places together and with your kids ( I know you recently vacationed without Lil Mo but in general). Traveling and doing together is just so important and I'm encouraged by your example. :)

  3. Love all the beautiful pictures. Another exciting adventure,what fun!


  4. Thank you for letting me travel vicariously through you! This place looks absolutely amazing!


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