a mountain lake and mountain drives

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our second (and last) day in the dolomites was spent mostly in two places: the most goooorgeous mountain lake (lago di braies / pragser wilsee) and our rental car. (a baby who naps for several hours in the afternoon …and sleeps well in a carseat… + a husband who adores a good roadtrip = lots of time in the car!) we were again blown away by the beauty and charm of this spectacular spot of earth, especially because autumn colours were around every corner, even all the way on the tops of the mountains - where pine trees had turned golden. we loved our time in the dolomites so much that we actually decided (then and there) to return next year for our anniversary trip!

^^ the view we woke up to from our hotel room balcony. ian was so thoughtful in the two places he booked for us to spend the night. this one had a separate room for moses, and this spectacular vista outside the window! ^^
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we were pretty stunned by this jewel of a lake. we walked the trail around the entire circumference and loved every second of autumn mountain glory.
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IMG_5089 IMG_5050
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^^ how about that reflection?! ^^
IMG_5093 IMG_5128
^^ can you spot the path carved into the mountainside? and a couple taking a selfie in a boat? :) ^^
^^ i couldn’t get over this gold and teal colour combo. ^^
^^ the lighting in this picture is pretty terrible, but i still love it. i adore my boys. ^^
IMG_5137 IMG_5138
^^ most of the pictures above were taken from inside the window of a moving vehicle, but every once in a while we just had to stop the car to snap some photographs. ^^
we drove back past the val de funes – on the high road above the churches – and caught it at golden hour again. we popped out of the car to take some pictures of just us (while moses chilled in his carseat and we positioned the camera on self-timer on the top of the car!). three years of charian down – an eternity to go!
i love this boy more than ever and sometimes can hardly believe the beautiful life we share. he really makes my dreams come true, that ian wright.


  1. Honestly incredible. I can't get over the beauty of your pictures. Happy anniversary!!

  2. What an amazing vacation! And lovely photos of the gorgeous scenery.

    Quick question: What do you do with all of the photos you take? Do they sit on your computer rarely looked at or do you print out albums from each trip or hang prints around your place? How would you ever choose which ones with so many beautiful places you've been? Would love to hear! Thanks

    1. hi! thanks for your compliments on our photographs!

      i put pretty much all of my favourite photos on this blog! honestly, the main reason i keep up this little corner of the internet is to have a place to organize and keep my photos. i haven't printed out an album in years, but i've given ian the gift of printed albums every christmas we have been married, but whoops! i still haven't followed through out that [monkey with hands over his face emoji]. making photo books/blog books is just a big time commitment and i would want to make sure they were perfect, so that kind of stresses me out. but i'm determined to get on it this year!

      we do look at photos on my blog all the time. it's so fun to reminisce and it's really convenient to have them organized here. i also keep every photo i take on an external hard drive (so the non-favourites or just more private/personal photos that aren't on the blog are just kept on a drive). we have a few pictures printed and hanging/displayed in our flat, but we live in a really tiny space - so not that many! it's definitely hard to chose! it will be nice to have photo books (i think i will make one for each year we've been married) on our coffee table one day (soon!) so we look at physical pictures more often.

      i hope that answers your question!

  3. I make a photo book every year, sort of a family year book. I use Shutterfly and work on it when I get the chance, every two weeks or so. It is much easier to do it little by little than to wait until the year is over. I'd just start right now (ours start in September - our wedding month) and do this year's.

  4. Would you mind sharing the names of the Hotels where you stayed. Thank you.

    1. we stayed at a super random apartment really close to the verona airport the first night. the second night we stayed at the dolomit boutique hotel.

  5. Charity - i love reading your blog - far from you in new Zealand! Please can you tell me what camera you use. Your photos are beautiful ♡

    1. i use the canon rebel sl1. it's basically just the cheapest digital slr camera i could find :) i'd love to upgrade someday! -- and really learn how to use a camera, haha!

  6. You look super cute in that top picture (and in all the pictures, but especially that top one :)

  7. Man, I'm so happy to see these beauties! The scenery, but especially the people. Shat a place! We gotta go!


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