no more regrets


ian says he had just one little regret from our wedding – he wished we had more cool photos in “cityscape” surroundings (totally random, i know).

so - when we were in utah this past summer, i surprised him by booking a photographer. one evening, we put all our wedding garb back on and had so much fun running around the streets of downtown salt lake city, laughing and kissing while the camera snapped.

last week, our awesome photographer, meg bird, sent us the full gallery of the pictures she took that evening. i’m thrilled to report that they fulfill ian’s vision perfectly, and he has no more regrets :) now is a perfect time to look through these photos together, as a week from today is our three year anniversary – a great kick-off on our celebrations :)

putting my wedding dress back on after nearly three years was thrilling. first, because it still fit like a glove (yay!) and second, because it brough back so many memories. memories of our totally perfect wedding celebrations, and memories of the totally imperfect thirty-three months that had followed. our marriage is haaaard work and undoubtedly the most difficult life element i have ever navigated. but i never could have imagined how much happiness, security, and fun it has brought to my life, nor the beauty of the personal stretching and refinement that has come from its challenges.

i love, love, love being married to ian wright. he is wonderful in one million ways and he has become my soulmate. i adore him passionately and am thrilled, lucky and excited to be partners with him forever.

it was hard to narrow down the photos to a few for sharing in this blog post…! this little photo shoot was such a golden, sweet slice of time, and we will cherish these images forever!

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6S3A1685 6S3A1697
6S3A2124 (1)
6S3A2238 6S3A2334 2


  1. So fun. Congratulations on the years guys! We love you.

  2. Oh this is darling! What a fun idea. Also - well done you for dress still fitting perfectly!!!

  3. Lovely photo's. You state that "marriage is haaaard work and undoubtedly the most difficult life element i have ever navigated." Out of curiosity, what aspects of marriage make it such hard work and the most difficult element navigated? Surely marriage is not always easy but, I have found marriage a lot less difficult and easier to navigate than motherhood. As a mother, the responsibility of raising a human weighs far more heavily on me than any aspect of marriage.

    1. i guess everyone is different! motherhood has come really naturally to me, and although it certainly has its challenges, being moses's mom is definitely not as hard as being ian's wife :) the details of our relationship are in our bucket of things we want to keep private (even though i'm not a very private person, given this blog ;) ) but generally speaking, the hard stuff is just learning to understand each other. we come from different backgrounds, deal with things differently, clash sometimes in our weaknesses, and are both learning to be a bit more humble and gentle (we both have pretty strong personalities). our marriage is just at times quite volatile, which is hard on both of us. but we keep getting better, our love keeps getting tougher and deeper, we share a genuine friendship and a rich romance, and 95% of the time our marriage is really wonderful. the hard parts are just quite intense! i hope that answers your question. everyone really has such different experiences and paths, and i think it's important that we acknowledge that relationships can be hard work.

  4. I feel like the 3 years of marriage and growth shows in the pictures. Somehow you look like wiser adults than just married wide eyed babies😁


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