spectacular lauterbrunnen


a couple of weeks ago, we went to switzerland to see my brother and his family, and to take in the spectacular that just abounds in that wonderland. unfortunately, my brother ended up being on a business trip in australia during that long weekend, which was a real bummer, but it was still so good to spend time with our sister-in-law and niece. we spent our friday and saturday as a little family exploring the lauterbrunnen and zermatt areas, and sunday with anita and moses’s little swiss cousin, whom he adores!

in the days leading up to leaving for switzerland, we almost cancelled our trip. ian had been getting slammed at work, moses had had a tummy bug, i wasn’t feeling particularly well either, and the weather forecast for the alps didn’t look good at all. but we decided to still go for it – and of course we are so glad we did. there’s just something so special about switzerland. there’s no other place on earth quite like it.

here’s some photos from our first day, which we spent in the lauterbrunnen valley. it rained and rained until early evening, which slashed our hopes of gondola-riding and hiking, but also made the waterfalls guuuush and the surroundings look misty-magical. we drove around on narrow roads up the mountains surrounding the town of grindlewald, and then up and down the lauterbrunnen valley probably ten times, just taking it all in from the dry car. and then, at about 4pm, the heavens just opened up -  all the clouds fleed, and the alpine air was crystal clear and sunshiney.  we took the train up to the village of wengen (where no cars are allowed!) and stayed overnight in a hotel room overlooking the jungfrau. we got up early the next morning to head to zermatt, determined to come back to lauterbrunnen another time – there’s so much to explore and the beauty is truly unparalleled.

IMG_4193 IMG_4200

^^ the view from our hotel room! ^^
IMG_4264 IMG_4273
^^ our evening stroll around the village of wengen included many perfect delights, like these sensational flowers, and those heart-cutout shutters! ^^
IMG_4300 IMG_4308
^^ sunsetty light on the jungfrau. ^^
^^ from the train ride back down into the valley from wengen. ^^

switzerland certainly has a corner on spectacular!


  1. So curious, how much food/snacks do you pack/bring for Moses? Anything at all or plan to just get things on the go while traveling? Also, do you pack bottles and try to find milk while traveling or are you still breast feeding? I feel like I bring the whole kitchen sink when going on a weekend road trip not that far away so wondering what your strategy is now that he's eating real food and milk. Thanks.

  2. *I guess "everything but the kitchen sink" is the right way to say it!

  3. we pack a few snacks and a few pouches of puree (moses loves those organic squeezie pouches, and they are so easy to travel with). i am still breastfeeding, and moses usually eats what we eat at meals. so it's pretty easy for us.

  4. How long do you plan to breastfeed?

  5. breastfeeding is so important! SO many good things have proven to come of it. I do wonder if you can stick to what your sweet Moses wants. In my travels (and yours too I am sure) I have seen children at age 5 years still breastfeeding with no sign of stopping! :-)

  6. It's so wild that we were in that exact spot exactly one week later! You got better weather though. Love seeing the difference a few days makes!


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