it's beginning to look a lot like...

… c h r i s t m a s ! ! !

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yes! yay! it is officially, officially christmastime - hurrah! last saturday ian, moses and i picked up and set up our (spectacular, might I say) christmas tree and it is shining brightly in our flat. and little mo and I have been scouring the city for festivity (which is actually very easily found) every day since thanksgiving. i am convinced that there is no place on earth like london at christmastime. it is, truly, magical.

(btw, i am going to put together a post in the next couple weeks with all my favourite christmassy spots around london. hopefully it is helpful for any one who visits the city during the holidays!)

IMG 0577 IMG 0581
^^ at the christmas tree lot, and carrying the nine foot nordman fir to the tube station! ^^
IMG 0624
^^ you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. taking our huge tree on the tube was definitely a memorable adventure :) ^^
IMG 0586 IMG 0634
^^ unveiling her in her perfect bay window home … and slowly decorating her over the course of a few days… ^^
IMG 0633 IMG 0459
^^ christmas in the flat and christmas in the neighborhood! ^^
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IMG 0512
IMG 0651 IMG 0663
every time moses sees any kind of christmas decoration around london, he puts his hands in the air and hollers “yeeaaaaah!” he does the same thing every morning when we turn on the christmas tree lights. it is the best! he definitely inherited my fanatically-crazy-for-christmas gene.
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^^ if you look really closely in these two pictures you can see … s n o w … !!!!! it hardly ever snows in london, but just this morning while moses and i were walking down regent street, legit snowflakes started flurrying around. i was seriously so giddy. and so were many other people on the street - it was so fun! the snow lasted for about twenty minutes and i could not contain my excitement. what a thrill. ^^

happy christmastime to all! i am off to work on christmas cards and christmas presents - lots to get done during nap time these days!


  1. Your tree looks lovely.

    The pix of Ian with the tree made me chuckle, especially the one on the tube:)

  2. Christmas in the big city sure puts a new meaning to the song "Silver Bells". Have fun!

  3. It's awesome living in NYC during the holidays but London really does knock it out of the park at Christmas time. I was lucky enough to experience it a few years back during one of my work trips. One thing that stood out to me is the use of the word "Christmas" which is still going strong there! I noticed all the signs outside restaurants/pubs advertising "Christmas" party info, versus using the word holiday. You just don't see that here. I remember coming back searching for the word and was happy to see that Bath & Body Works had a huge sign in the window with "Christmas" on it. Haha.

    1. Hi,
      Just curious, don't they use the word Christmas much in the US?

      I guess it's mainly not called a holiday here because that's a vacation.

      I can't stand it when people write Xmas on things, it just doesn't seem right.

      Also, I find that here we say "Happy" Christmas, rather than Merry Christmas.

      Happy Christmas:)

    2. Julie, the X in Xmas is really a chi, the Greek letter which is the first letter of Christ in Greek. It's simply a way to shorten Christmas, with the X or chi representing Christ.

  4. I have decided that I will not feel bad or guilty for getting in the Christmas spirit before Thanksgiving. After reading about London I again realized we are the only country (USA) to have Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in this holiday order. Why can't we get in the spirit, get some Christmas festivities done before our Day of Thankfulness? The rest of the world has Halloween to Christmas to get their traditions and festivities in order. So, I am going to start after Halloween with Christmas organizing and planning and shopping and not feel that I am starting too early! Thank you London and thank you Charity!😁

  5. Do you know if you are having a boy or girl??

  6. Boy or girl!? Dying to know

  7. Miss your Wednesday thoughts ❤️

  8. Where, oh where, are our Charity's posts????? We sure do miss them!!!

  9. Hi! I know you said you were struggling with some things lately (really appreciate your honesty) and I've been missing your posts. Just wanted to drop you a line and say I hope you are doing well. :)

  10. Charity is really great at posting on instagram. If you want a preview of what she posts on the blog and a few extra videos, I think, check her out on instagram. --M

    Charity, I was recently reading your parents' book "The Entitlement Trap," which I have loved and was reading about the importance of traditions. I made a decision to make as many of the holidays throughout the year more wonderful as a family and already it has made a change in my family. I love the joy and anticipation that comes with the tree up in my house--if just for me. I just feel like it is going to be a magical Christmas. Ha! That sounds a bit Hallmark-y, but you know what I mean. Possibilities galore! --Melanie


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