england road trip with grandma and grandpa

ian’s parents came to town last week! it was so great to have them here in london with us for a few days, and this past weekend we took a lovely little road trip out into the english countryside together. moses adores both grandma and grandpa and has absolutely delighted in being with them - and ian and i have too, of course! grandpa had to go back to work in texas yesterday, and grandma is here for another couple of weeks because she is soooo kindly taking care of the little mo while ian and i go to morocco for ten days (we leave this upcoming friday!). i feel so blessed in the in-law department and it’s just always really good to be together. 

here’s some photos from our road trip, which included stops in cambridge, a couple villages that ian’s ancestors came from, lyme hall in the peak district, and oxford on the way back to london. we stayed two nights in a cozy little cottage on the edge of the peak district and all five loved seeing beautiful and historic bits of england. we spent a couple hours singing random songs together in the car (singing seems to be the only sure-fire way to help moses be happy after he’s been strapped into a car seat for several hours!), stayed up too late talking at the cottage, and caught some good weather and a stellar sunset. 

i love england so, so, so much. 

IMG 7356 JPGIMG 7366 JPGIMG 7360 JPG
we climbed to the top of a church tower in the center of cambridge and enjoyed the views. 
IMG 7371 JPG IMG 7392 JPGIMG 7396 JPG
i love strolling around the colleges at cambridge (and oxford!) and peeking in. everything is just so, so pretty - and so english.
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IMG 7401 JPG IMG 7402 JPGIMG 7406 JPGIMG 7433 JPG

IMG 7410 JPG IMG 7420 JPGIMG 7411 JPGIMG 7447 JPG
IMG 7459 JPG IMG 7466 JPG
the chapel at king’s college in cambridge is among the very top most spectacular man-made structures i’ve ever seen. i've been inside now three times and each time i’ve walked in my jaw just drops! the fan ceiling and the stained glass is just mindbogglingly gorgeous. 
IMG 7470 JPG
^^ little mo among the snowdrop flowers in the churchyard of the village that his great great great grandparents lived in! ^^
IMG 7476 JPG
for some unknown reason, moses has definitivitely decided that he will pronounce both grandma and grandpa as “baka” - in a whisper. it’s pretty cute.
IMG 7497 JPGIMG 7494 JPG
^^ lyme hall - three points for you if you know which version of pride & prejudice this place appears in. ^^
IMG 7506 JPG
IMG 7515 JPGIMG 7534 JPGIMG 7535 JPGIMG 7539 JPG
IMG 7526 JPG IMG 7543 JPG
IMG 7549 JPG IMG 7557 JPG
our quick stop through oxford reminded me again how much i love, love, love that town. 
IMG 7551 JPG
IMG 7556 JPG IMG 7563 JPG

england: where i first truly connected with god as a child, where i lived for the first time on my own as a teenager, where i found myself in so many ways as a missionary, where i became a mother and really started creating a family. this green island is so significant and beautiful to me. it’s home. 

hooray for another weekend exploring this green and pleasant land. with grandma and grandpa!! 


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  2. Moses' Grandma will be watching Moses alone for 10 full days! That's impressive. She's clearly devoted to supporting your marriage and growing family by allowing you two to have such a long trip of precious alone together. I'm sure it will be special for Moses and his Grandma to have so much time together since they live so far. Good thinking to spend a week together first with Moses getting re-aquainted with his Grandma. What a crazy, lucky daughter-in-law you are!

  3. i know, i am super lucky. and she is amazing!!

  4. I love England too. Your pictures of the Peak district are fabulous. It's on the bucket list. Hopefully the next time we make it out that way!

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  6. Thank you for this great sneak peek of our upcoming destination! We are super excited to visit your beautiful country! (I'm Lauren's MIL)

  7. I love the way what kids call grandparents evolves! My son's inlaws were going to be grandma and grandpa but somehow became Noni and Quack quack. We are Nana and Papa to most of our grands but the oldest granddaughter calls us Nanny and Poppi. We answer to anything those sweet voices call us!

  8. How WONDERFUL! Enjoy your precious time away and know it will come to an end, so try not to spend too much time being anxious about missing time with Moses! (speaking from recent experience here :) :)

    Charity, I have a quick question for you. We are relocating from Bogotá to San Francisco in April and I would LOVE to know what your #1 neighborhood pick would be if you were moving back with kids! If you have a second to respond I'd appreciate it, but totally understand if life is a wee bit too busy right now!

    Thank you!

    1. that’s tough because i didn’t have kids when i lived in the city! i know many families chose to live in the pacific heights area, which is gorgeous (and expensive)! sorry i am not much help!

  9. Thank you Charity! That’s actually the ‘hood we’re thinking of! Appreciate you responding.


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