on to february - yay!

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today i’ve been using my new planner to map out the next few weeks. it has a little “reflection page” at the end of each month and i decided to go through the exercise of filling it out for january. the first question on the page: “what was the most memorable part of this past month?” i wrote down what first came to my mind, which was: “surgery, getting sick, and being tired.” 

soooo, not my best month ever. i am welcoming a new month with open arms. february! the month of loooove. let’s do this.

but first i wanted to share one really fun thing that happened (amidst some not-so-fun things) in january 2018. we took moses to a baby rave. yes, that’s a thing. and yes, it was awesome

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there’s a nightclub in southeast london that throws a “rave-a-roo” every so often. the whole place is pimped out just for kids - a soft play room with a ball pit, crafts and face painting, performances of fun kiddo songs, inflatable animals, glow sticks, snacks, etc etc. we went to the afternoon session and at the very end they had something called “confetti mayhem” where they shot off dozens and dozens of confetti cannons. it was all pretty epic, and since moses is such a little dancer, he was looooving it and was totally in his element. we all had a blast! 

i’m really excited about february. ian’s parents are coming to visit and then his mom is staying with moses while we go on a babymoon to morocco for ten days! ian has secret plans for valentine’s day (it’s his year in charge!) and moses and i are just happy to be healthy (although just getting over coughs, ugh, it hasn’t seemed to end!) after a rough month physically. 

the first day of the new month was such a good one - i snapped the photos below from the little jaunts around town that mo and i took on february first. the day started with a pretty sky from sunrise and ended with a pretty sky from sunset, and we spotted some great early spring blooms around. it felt auspicious - the future is looking bright! 

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  1. Pictures are beautiful. Nary a crocus anticipated here in Ohio for quite awhile. Morocco sounds so fabulous. We had planned a trip there and then changed our minds and went to Istanbul which was beyond my imagination.

  2. The pictures at the end matched the mood of hopefulness. So nice. Have you listened to the Affirmation Pod? Short podcast, lots of episodes, helps me to reframe and recharge. Hope spring brings you all a renewal of sorts! �� —Marissa

  3. This looks like May here in SLC, although it's been around 55 degrees the past few days! The tulips are very confused. I hope they don't die! :( That Moses is a party animal! So fun!

  4. What fun! London is such a fab city for any age and style.

  5. I think all photos here was memorable to you..thats why i'm glad to see all of this...


  6. I love seeing your photos,You give me some idea's. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.

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