no baby yet! it’s so wild to live every day wondering when things will kick in and get going towards labor and delivery. every single morning i wake up super early and am convinced the sensations i am feeling mean i am going into labor. and then i realize i just really have to go to the bathroom ;) we will see when the little guy decides to make his entrance!

in the meantime … we are having a great time with mom in town. she ended up moving her flight up a few days and it is soooo wonderful to have her here. she is the grandest mother and the grandest grandmother - i feel so blessed to have her by my side as i enter a new phase of my own mothering with baby number two!

and she just published a new book!!

i know i am biased, but this is some seriously good stuff! my mom is a grandmother to thirty and she is the most deliberate, fantastic grandmother i have ever encountered. her vast experience - along with her golden heart - has provided her with so much knowledge and so many ideas and i'm so glad she's sharing them!! the new book includes:
-a plethora of tips and thoughts for grandmothers both "new" and "old" (provided by my mom and many other grandmothers from whom she has collected insights)
-thoughts around embracing in-laws and the heaven of welcoming new babies
-tips for grandmothering when "things go wrong"
-the secret ingredient for helping grandchildren develop grit and avoid the ever-present issues of entitlement
-suggestions for one-on-one and small group adventures with grandchildren
-stimulating ideas for taking care of oneself through the aging process
-ideas for organizing exciting and inclusive family reunions.

doesn't this sound like such a perfect mother's day present for the grandmothers (who are grand mothers!) in your life? you can buy the book here on amazon.

we are ready for you any minute, grandbaby number thirty one!


  1. Genuine question, because I’ve recently had my first child and am in new territory...does it ever bother Ian (or his parents) when you talk about how your parents are the best ever and your mom is the best grandma in the world etc. my MIL is quite sensitive and I try to be really careful about how I word things. There’s quite a bit of jealousy and competitive feelings on her’s hard to navigate! It seems like your family is very Eyre-centric and I’m curious as to how it works with in laws.

  2. thanks for your comment! i am wondering if you saw my recent post about ian’s mom and what an incredible grandma and total angel she is? i feel like i am quite balanced in my blog coverage of both sides of the family (a little heavy towards my side just because it’s my side! and because we tend to see my-side family members more often), but i am grateful for comments like this that help me to make sure i am keeping that in check! i should definitely be careful because i adore and appreciate my in-laws so much!

  3. You are lovely and so tactful Charity. Hoping it's tomorrow :)

  4. Hi Charity, Blessings to you and the family as you await the arrival of your baby!
    Our daughter Monique is due on the 1st of May! We are so very excited to becoming grandparents for the first time!!
    Must get your mom’s book!!
    Much love x

  5. You always write such thoughtful responses Charity, I am always impressed by your calm and reasonable replies.

    Very best wishes for the safe and quick arrival of your new boy xx

  6. Your mom's book just arrived yesterday and i am super excited about reading it. I have actually used many of her Joy School ideas as I am with my grand little ones and those have worked great. I also love her website. My daughter just had my 8th little grandchild-a 5 lb little darling girl! Good luck and hope yours comes soon.

  7. Thinking of you in Maryland! In the last moments before the Danny came, I gained a stronger testimony about Gods timing and His hand in all things even though it's no cake walk being 9 months pregnant! You're awesome! Love you!


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