waiting and anticipating...{something awesome for free in the meantime!}

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...still no baby!

of the twenty four babies born to my mom, sisters and i, not one has been born on his/her due date or after - all twenty four were early!! and tomorrow s this new little love's due date - so he may be a new trend setter.

we are waiting, waiting, anticipating - and i've decided to just have fun with all the old-wives-tales natural induction methods i can find. bring on the pineapple cores, reflexology, raspberry leaf tea, etc etc... i'm also just trying to cherish my last days being pregnant and with only moses, the incredible weather london has been experiencing lately, and the precious time i get to spend with my angel mother (who keeps reminding me that the baby is sooo much easier inside than out!).

some pictures from the past few days i decided i might as well post while i'm waiting, waiting, anticipating...
and something really awesome (and free!) i wanted to share at the bottom of the post...

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^^ moses and i have taken grammie to lots of different parks around the city - there's nothing like london's parks! especially in this delicious weather! (this is regent’s park, my favourite!) ^^
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^^ these two tiny little shops are in competition for being the cutest tiny little shops ever, am i right?! spotted them on my walk home from yoga the other day. ^^
IMG 0963 IMG 0966
^^ the sunken garden at kensington palace, blooming … and a slide at the princess diana playground, a hit with mo who went on it at least thirty times that afternoon! ^^
IMG 1027
^^ kyoto garden at holland park, bathed in sunshine. ^^
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^^ my recent google internet browsing history … and current random pregnancy craving! ^^
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^^ yesterday i took my mom to afternoon tea to celebrate her birthday a bit early … the big day is on sunday and now we are thinking she might share a birthday with her number thirty one grandchild…? it was so fun to share a fancy meal in the sunshine with my amazing mum. ^^
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and now for that something awesome and free to share!!
my sister saren and her husband and five kids went on an epic road trip to twelve national parks a couple of summers ago … and then collected all their documentation and suggestions into a national parks guide for families! it’s a pretty incredible resource that saren is offering right now for free on her new website power of families. if you’re planning for or hoping to take a trip to a national park in the western usa, this is invaluable - detailed info on all the best hikes and activities for kids and a treasure trove of tips. 
the guide is being offered for free just through this weekend, so go check it out and get it downloaded asap! 

national parks guide for families

National parks guide  1

send labor-inducing vibes our way! :) and have an amazing weekend!


  1. Thanks for posting during this time of waiting. Very thoughtful of you. As always, London looks dreamy :). When does you mom have to leave?

  2. Love to check in on you to see if baby boy is here yet! London looks fabulous this time of year!
    Jamie Noto

  3. We'll say a prayer for a great labor experience this time... wishing you all the best. Glad your mom is there to help out, mom's are the best!

  4. Sending them your way! Hope baby comes today. Not wanting to be gross or vulgar, but you could try nipple stimulation. It is suppose to bring on labor.

    1. nipple stimulation isn't gross or vulgar. nipples are amazing body parts that give life, they're so cool! ;) we definitely tried some nipple stimulation. i think it helped! thanks so much for your thoughts!! xx

  5. Congrats on your baby boy! I just read it on your sister's blog! So happy for you, Ian and Mo!

  6. Congrats on your new little boy & I'm so glad he arrived safely & on time. x

    It's lovely too about the new royal baby. Yesterday was very special here in the UK & especially that he was born on St.George's Day:)


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