moses meets his brother

WrightFamily BabyGabriel 2WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4978WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4997WrightFamily BabyGabriel

the day after our gabriel was born (when he was still very much nameless!), our photographer friend kami came over to our home to take some newborn/family pictures for us. moses had spent the birth day and that night and most of the following day with some friends of ours that were incredibly kind to take great care of him. we coordinated the timing so that kami would arrive at our flat just before moses came home - so the wright brothers' very first encounter was captured. we will treasure these images forever!

WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4945
^^ waiting for big brother to arrive and meet the baby he’d been pointing out in my belly all those months! ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4948
^^ seventeen hours old. ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4954
^^ grammie brought moses in and he was pretty excited! ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4956WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4957WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4962
^^ it was pretty amazing to see the wheels turning in little mo’s head when he saw the baby. he pointed at my belly and said “baby,” and then pointed at his little brother and said “baby,” putting it all together. ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4964WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4965WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4973WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4970WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4976
^^ pretty much immediately moses was ready to give lots of kisses to his little bro. ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4988
^^ and ian and i were immediately ready to protect the baby from mo’s excited chubby hands … check out both of us holding onto his arm firmly as he went to point out the baby’s facial features ;) ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4980WrightFamily BabyGabriel 4994WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5010
^^ isn’t there just so much joy in ian and my faces in these family photos? seeing my sons meet was one of the most joyful moments of my life. ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5017WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5301
^^ we took some photos of just the baby and of the baby with just his mom and dad … and little mo got held upside down when he scampered in to the bedroom not wanting to be left out ;) ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5342
^^ by the time we thought of the idea to take some photos of ian with his two boys, moses had already settled into his high chair to enjoy the biscuits we used as a bribe to help him smile for pictures … and since they were messy chocolate biscuits, he was shirtless ;) but we had kami snap a few photos of the three wright boys regardless. ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5340
^^ and aren’t they the sweetest?! ^^
WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5322WrightFamily BabyGabriel 5350
^^ mo immediately attempted to share his biscuits with his baby brother :) :) :) ^^

moses’s excitement about and love for his baby brother has only increased over the past couple of weeks. many mornings, ian gets moses out of his crib and immediately brings him to our bed to say hello to gabriel. moses says, “hold, hold,” and then grins his little face off while admiring his brother and cradling the baby in his arms. he gives gabriel about a dozen kisses a day (we’ve trained him to kiss the baby on the top of the head instead of with lots of slobber right on the mouth!) and he loves to nuzzle his head into the baby’s body while making the cutest “awwwww” sound.

i am so excited to watch this brother relationship grow over the years, and i have a feeling that the wright brothers will be bffs.


  1. God bless your sweet little family.

  2. Such precious photos that will make precious memories. So lovely.

  3. Beautiful Charity!! You will cherish these photos for forever!

  4. Did you find it amazing how big Moses became in less than 2 days??? When a new baby is born, suddenly "old" baby seems very large.


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