another year later

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every may, we have taken a family photo in the exact same spot.
 ^^ here's our snaps from 2016 (pregnant with moses) and 2017 (with 10 month old moses) ^^

IMG 0372

this year's picture shows off some changes and improvements being made in big ben as well as in our family!

we took this photo with a self-timer, the camera haphazardly balancing on the buggy. we put the camera on continuous mode, so it snapped lots and lots of shots and we got some awesome ones with passerbys or whining kids in them. the best of the whole lot is this one, in which both of the boys look not their best, ha! ... but here we are in may 2018.

life as a whole right now feels a bit like the experience of getting this picture - it's a wild balancing act that sure doesn't look perfect and that we sometimes just have to laugh about.

i love my boys, my city, and my life!


  1. charity, i went to london two weeks ago and went by this place! it's pretty cool!


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