patriotic outfits

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celebrating independence day in england feels a little peculiar, but i can't let a fourth of july pass without commemorating the birth of the usa ... and of course wearing patriotic outfits! the boys and i met up with ian after work. we had burgers and fries and milkshakes for dinner and played in the park, feeling really grateful for the freedoms we enjoy as americans.

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it's fun to look back on the six independence days ian and i have spent together! god bless the usa!
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  1. Love the summary at the end where you show all the changes from year to year! Safe travels on your summer vacation!

  2. I love the "upgrade" to Ian's shorts! Hugs to all :)

  3. This makes me giggle--considering you're celebrating our freedom from the very country in which you now live! Happy Independence Day to your sweet family!


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