cassis and les calanques

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to begin our time along the south coast of france, we spent a couple of days in and around the beach town of cassis. we had heard about the "fjords of france" and wanted to experience that natural wonder. we were thoroughly charmed by cassis and totally stunned by the fjords, which are known as "les calanques" ("the creeks"). our first taste of the cote d'azur was pretty exhilarating!

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^^ we explored les calanques on a boat like this one. ^^ it was the most beautiful blue-skied day! 
IMG 1642
^^ can you spot the sunbathers on that platform of rock?? ^^
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^^ i mean ... the colour of that water!! incredible. ^^
IMG 1668
IMG 1675 IMG 1678IMG 1679
^^ to get to this beach, you have to complete a kind of gnarly hike (at least gnarly if you have two small kids with you :) ). we were glad we opted for the boat tour instead of the hike last minute. ^^
IMG 5777 IMG 5779
IMG 5769 IMG 5772
^^ had to snap a couple of selfies with that water and those cliffs! ^^
IMG 1686
IMG 1697 IMG 1702
^^ i snapped a photo that included these kayakers - for scale! i was truly blown away by this spectacular natural beauty. at one point on the boat ride i turned to ian and said, "wow. god is really awesome." this place really inspires a lot of genuine awe. ^^
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^^ coming back into port! ^^
IMG 5801 IMG 5803
^^ we had to grab some gelato before returning to our airbnb for nap time. moses developed a deep love for "ice cream cones" on this trip. ^^
IMG 5838 IMG 5847  1
^^ on the afternoon after our boat ride, we got our first dose of beach time in (there was lots more of that later in the trip). moses looooooved (i mean really, really loved) splashing in the water. and gabriel had a snooze :) ^^
IMG 5825 IMG 5834
IMG 5857 IMG 5851
^^ the next morning we went back into the center of the village of cassis and happened upon a perfectly charming farmers' market! it was lovely. ^^
IMG 5853  1 IMG 1718
IMG 5858 IMG 5895
IMG 5884 IMG 5890
IMG 5903 IMG 5870
^^ wandering streets and grabbing some lunch. ^^
IMG 5906 IMG 5907
^^ and one more ice cream cone for good measure before we headed off in the car to our next destination. ^^

to be continued...! 


  1. Your photography is beautiful! Makes me want to visit this beautiful place!

  2. After seeing these pictures I added the southern coast of France to places I want to visit. So beautiful

  3. What a wonderful documentation of a marvelous trip!


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