happy birthday ian!

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we just got home from an epic two-week-long road trip from barcelona to monaco. i'm excited to share pictures and thoughts from our travels ... but before i do, i have to post about a big event that happened just before we left:

ian's birthday!!

the big day was on a monday and we celebrated the whole weekend before. on friday we had date night at the theatre and saw wicked. ian had never seen it and had been wanting to since we moved to london!

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on saturday we took the boys to a "dinosaurs live" show at the open air theatre at regent's park. i didn't get any pictures of moses meeting the huge dinos, but he loved it! and gabriel was fascinated by everything.

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on sunday after church we went to richmond park - a place in london that ian had always wanted to experience. we had a fun time exploring, sharing a picnic under the trees, and especially seeing the wild deer that roam in the park.

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^^ there's a spot at the top of a hill in richmond park that provides a really cool straight-shot view of st. paul's cathedral through the trees (that's what moses and i are looking at in the left picture above). ^^
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^^ the views of the city from the park are amaaaazing (but not very well captured by an iphone :) ) ^^
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on ian's actual birthday, i took the boys to meet the birthday boy at work for lunch. that evening we had ian's favourite dinner (frozen pizza. seriously.) and cake. moses loved helping me give ian gifts, and singing happy birthday to daddy! gabriel was amazed by sparklers and candles :)

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ian is a truly remarkable person, and i am so so so so so so so so grateful he was born and he is mine. i wish everyone could know him and his genuine goodness.

here's to another year of adventures and growth for our beloved ian wright!


  1. Frozen pizza. LOL. Boys are funny

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to Ian.

    Glad he had a great day/weekend:)


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