our holiday home in villefranche

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after sleeping in a new town nearly every night for the first bit of our road trip, it felt soooo good to settle in to one place for four whole nights! we chose the darling seaside village of villefranche-sur-mer as our homebase for exploring the eastern part of the french riviera. our airbnb turned out to be a total home run, with gorgeous views and the perfect amount of space. we were close to the grocery store and the beach, and streets of the town charmed our socks off.

from villefranche we took little day trips to menton, monaco, eze and saint-jean-cap-ferrat. pictures from those amazing places coming next, but first here's some captured memories from the time we spent in and around our little holiday home.

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^^ we just couldn't get over the view from our airbnb. i loooooved waking up and immediately opening the shutters in the bedroom to behold this...! ^^
IMG 5933
^^ a snapshot from our walk to the beach. ^^
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^^ i don't think i could ever quite describe how happy moses was splashing in the ocean on this trip. his joy made us feel pretty happy, too! ^^
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^^ the selfie-taking photobomber is this picture (left) is awesome. ^^
IMG 5992
^^ twilight from our balcony... ^^
IMG 1722IMG 5849
^^ ... and dusk! ian actually took these sunrise photos while i was sleeping in, which was fabulous. ^^
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^^ our airbnb was on this darling street. ^^
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^^ every morning in villefranche, ian took the boys to a nearby playground while i caught up on sleep. since little gabriel has regressed in his nighttime sleep stretches quite a bit, those morning lie ins were maaaybe my favourite part of our trip, haha! ^^
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^^ and every afternoon we hung out with little gabe while mo took a nap at the airbnb. both boys are so good at sleeping on the go, but it's really nice for everyone when moses gets a proper nap at the place we are staying. ^^
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some photos from a stroll i took around town one day during nap time... so many charming, colourful corners. 
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^^ back at the pebbly beach on our last day in villefranche... ^^
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^^ and on our last night, we were surprised by a big fireworks show that went off in the bay ... and the windows of our airbnb were the perfect place to watch! it was the best surprise and watching that glitter in the sky cuddled up with ian is now one of my favourite memories. ^^
IMG 2049IMG 2051
^^ last photos from the balcony - i snapped them while we were packing up to leave. such a serene morning. ^^

we love you so, villefranche!

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...to be continued!


  1. Have you read how Airbnb and other similar services are causing trouble in various cities taking long term rentals off the market causing an increase in rental cost for people who actually live there among the remaining properties? The cost is skyrocketing out of reach for the working class. I’m surprised you don’t stay in inn’s and hotels more often as your family is currently small.

    1. i haven't heard much about that! apartment rentals are definitely the best fit for us - having more than one room and also a kitchen is a total gamechanger when traveling with small kids.

    2. Our boys are older than Charity's and we LOVE to travel using airbnb! It's the absolute best solution for family travel because for the cost of a hotel we get more space/privacy, the ability to live a little more like a "local," a full kitchen for breakfasts and snacks. (three meals a day at restaurants is super expensive and not a fun way to spend the day with active kids). Yes, the economics of travel work differently but we are supporting locals who thoughtfully put together a place for guests to stay often highlighting what is most special about their area.

    3. Actually only 65% are individual property owners. It’s shifting to property management. One person owns and rents out over 800 properties a year in London. It just doesn’t seem fair a few nights takes in more than a typical monthly lease. It seems to be hurting the paycheck to paycheck people.

  2. Hi Charity, this looks and sounds so good! I spent a year at the Côte d'Azur and I think this town (if it is the same) is called VillefrancHe (meaning "free city"), not Villefrance.

    1. haha, you’re right. fun typos from a sleep-deprived brain - some baby i know is keeping me up a lot of the night these days ;) thanks for the heads up, i will correct!

  3. Another place for my bucket list! Gorgeous views and such a charming town/city!


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