algarve, part two

IMG 9999

we really loved the place we stayed in the algarve. our airbnb was in an apartment building just up a path from this amazing beach:

IMG 9907

and included access to this pool, which moses loved:

IMG 6868

we spent our saturday morning playing at the beach and the pool, and it was wonderful.

IMG 9909
IMG 6841 IMG 6847
IMG 6845 IMG 6857

and in the afternoon we visited a few other beaches and viewpoints nearby.

IMG 9917 IMG 9934IMG 9951
IMG 9942 001 IMG 9959
IMG 9967 IMG 9987

we ended the day at praia de camilo and spent another magical sunsetty hour on the beach as a family. it was dreamy.
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on sunday morning, i woke up feeling really nauseated. watching the sunrise from our airbnb's balcony cheered me up...

IMG 0035

...but definitely didn't cure me. even though i was feeling a little awful, we got in the car to go to a lighthouse and village that had been recommended by friends (and that i was so excited to see!). long story short, we didn't make it to our destinations because both moses and i threw up in the car...eek! and ian joined the barf party a little later in the day :(

we spent sunday feeling pretty terrible, and watching general conference. we all felt okay enough by evening to take a little stroll through the town of lagos (a few minutes' walk from our airbnb). there were some charming, colourful corners to enjoy.

IMG 6877 IMG 6883
IMG 6884 IMG 6882

the next morning we were mostly feeling all better, and got to take a short boat ride along the incredible algarve coast and into stunning sea caves - those pictures coming next :)