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happy thanksgiving!

i have so, so very much to be thankful for. among the blessings that i count is this spot on the internet that i've used to keep a family record and that has connected me to wonderful people with diverse perspectives. i'm thankful to be able to share and learn here.

and at the tippy top of my thankful list is my three boys - ian, moses and gabriel. they are my fondest dreams come true and have brought me more joy than i could have ever anticipated or hoped for.

in an effort to capture this chapter of life for our little family (and to get a good family photo to send out on christmas cards, one of my favourite traditions), i asked my photographer friend kami and her camera to spend twenty minutes with us in our neighborhood a few weeks ago. it was a quick "mini session" that i'm so glad we made happen.
and ppsssst: no ... we don't iron clothes in our house, ha! one thing i really miss about living in the usa is tumble driers! we have a (very typical in the uk:) 2in1 tiny washer/dryer in a cupboard in our kitchen that leaves our some of our clothes so incredibly wrinkly, and you know what? i can think of about one hundred things i would and should rather do at this stage of my life than iron. (we save that for ian's work clothes when absolutely necessary ;) ) so these images capture real life right now, wrinkles and all! and i love that.

in just the few minutes we spent with kami, we got some great shots for a christmas card - it was hard to decide which to print and send out! we have made christmas cards using shutterfly every year of our marriage as our family has grown. i love shutterfly because everything is super customizable and also very user-friendly, and especially because they address, stamp and mail out our cards to friends and family in the usa for us! (we also use shutterfly to make calendars and photo books, which are the best christmas gifts in my opinion.) there's a black friday sale going on on shutterfly products right now - check it out

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my heart is so full of gratitude this thanksgiving!


  1. You know what's funny? I didn't notice the wrinkles at all until you mentioned it! So interesting what we see, isn't it? I just saw a beautiful family photo!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I don't iron either, but funny thing is I didn't even notice that Ian's pants were wrinkled until you mentioned it. All I noticed is the love, joy, and your adorable boys.

  3. This is obviously a generational shift. Growing up we were taught that how we dressed (neat, clean and modest attire), just as polite manners and proper grammar, was so important in presenting a first impression. It gives others much information to draw them in - to want to know you better. My adult sons, lawyer and corporate financial exec.) both know how to iron and the location of the nearest dry cleaners. How in the world did you get Ian to leave the house, much less be photographed, in those wadded up trousers?!

    1. i think part of it is a generational thing! there are just so many more important things to me than ironing clothes. i'd just rather spend the time i would spend on ironing in an effort to present a "mannered" first impression on other (what i consider more important) things. but to each their own!

    2. haha, what kind of commenti is this ahha. I mean, the whole first impression done by clothes and the " how did you get Ian to leave the house"...I'm pretty sure Ian has his onw mind and maybe , maybe, he also doesn't bother? like 90% of people in their 30s living in a free place like England by the way.Good grief. Open your mind a little, you might be able to see wonderful things!

  4. These pictures are so beautiful! Glad the babies cooperated😉

  5. This post made me feel so thankful for my big, wonderful tumble dryer.

    I also NEVER iron. For cotton “dress” shirts and pants we take them to the cleaners to be washed and pressed. It’s only $1 per shirt; best. deal. ever. We do this with all my husband’s work clothes and ours sons’ dress shirts. For the style dress you’re wearing hanging it in the steamy bathroom while you shower would make a big improvement. I never iron but I also don’t get setting up a special photo shoot and wearing clothes that look like this.

    All that said these are really lovely photos of your beautiful family. If the wrinkles bother you even a little they can be easily avoided with a little planning and no Ironing.

    1. thanks! the wrinkles don't bother me - like i mentioned, i like that they show our real, busy, happy life. i actually tried the steamy bathroom trick with the dress though, haha! and yes, cherish that tumble drier! ;)


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