wreath making!

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last monday, i hosted a wreath making workshop at our flat! it was such a lovely evening with a bunch of lovely friends ... and a florist who (we learned at the end of the event) had worked on the royal wedding!
(i had been to a wreath making event with this florist a couple of years ago and asked her to come lead a workshop in my home.)
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i wish these photos could capture the smell of my living room! it was divine with all that pine along with cinnamon sticks and dried fruit!
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my cute friend kami had to leave early (before we took a group photo) so i made her pose for a quick pic before she headed out ;)
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i loved seeing how everyone's wreath turned out totally different but totally gorgeous. i felt full of love for these friends and for christmastime that evening. it was the perfect way to really kick off the holiday season.


  1. Gorgeous! i broke my shoulder this week and mr relief society president decorated my mailbox with magnolia and hydrengas along with pine. So lovely! The missionaries came and decorated my tree and put up our other decorations it was so sweet of them to help.

  2. This is so so so pretty. Now I'm waiting for all the F + M pictures to be posted :)

  3. What a wonderful thing to do!! Bet your flat smell delicious


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