san francisco

while i am rapidly falling in love with the city of london (we moved here july 2015!), i'm pretty sure i'll always believe that san francisco is the best city on planet earth. i just don't think anything can beat the beach/mountains/metropolis/weather/abundance-of-super-fresh-produce combo!

here is my first edition of a guide to san francisco. one day, one day!, i will update this to be inclusive of all the things i really, really love about the city by the bay.

here are all my posts with a san francisco label, and here are all my posts with a bay area label! 

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  1. Hello! I've just read through all your San Francisco posts as we are planning a sisters/Mom trip the end of March. Do you have a suggestion for areas to stay in order to best see the city? We've been looking at VRBO rentals to try to find a house/cottage that all 6-9 of us can stay in together, but are curious which area we should look in. Thank you so much!