baby v


the first thing i did when i got home to salt lake was go see my dear dear dear (we’re talking really one of the very top of all time) friend catherine’s new baby. back in england on august 20 i got an email from cath’s husband bert saying she was going into labor, and then in edinburgh i got pictures of the newborn and nearly began weeping in the hostel lobby. i told everyone in the uk that one of my bestest friends just had a baby, and as soon as i landed in utah i was itching to get baby boy blue in my arms.

abby (another of my most beloved friends in all the world) and i brought breakfast to bert, cath, and baby samuel peter van uitert. bert answered the door with babe in arms and i immediately snatched him up. when i saw cath as i held her child, i felt like sobbing. is there any greater or more stunning miracle than this?! it’s a bit of human experience that transcends all else and in that new baby heaven meets earth.

being with a best friend and her newborn is excruciatingly beautiful.

we got the full run-down on labor and delivery and ate and cooed at sammy and laughed and then made bert take a dozen or so pictures. i can’t decide which ones i like best so you get to see a good hearty handful.

 IMG_0195   IMG_0203   IMG_0206  IMG_02096


i generally try to avoid posting hideous pictures of myself on my blog, but i couldn’t help myself on this one <—because look how incredibly cute baby v looks. he is such a good baby and i adored every single tiny little thing about him, especially that he is half cath and half bert.

there is something so sweetly warm and wonderful about being with friends like these at such a life-defining time as this. i'd been dreaming of this breakfast all summer and being with abby and cath and samuel was heart swelling and day-long happy sigh worthy.


  1. such a sweet post and i love the pics. email them to me! sam says he misses you!

  2. What a sweet baby! I happen to like MY baby even more though!