a farewell tea party

one of my sf besties moved back to utah in september. i was so sad to see nikki leave the city. i kind of begged her to stay…but a new and right adventure was awaiting her. on the sunday before her move, we had a nikki’s-best-sf-girls-tea-party to celebrate our friendship with this stellar girl. nikki is crazy about herbal tea, so we asked everyone to bring their own mug and she shared her dozens of flavors, and we had little tea sandwiches and tea cakes. we sat around and had girl talk (two engagement stories from the attendees!!) and enjoyed our time with a dear, wonderful, departing friend.

then, of course, we took loads of pictures!

SAM_1696 (Large)SAM_1698 (Large)SAM_1700 (Large)SAM_1709 (Large)

i think there are few blessings in life more sweet and lovely than good girlfriends. i’ve found such fantastic girls everywhere i’ve gone, and i’m so grateful.


  1. Best farewell party EVER! Thanks so much Charity dear. I miss you and I love you. I feel so honored to be highlighted in your blog TWICE now! :) What must I do to earn a third?

  2. This was a tearful post for me! I love my nikkompoop. And you. So much. And those pictures of me are disturbingly delightful.

  3. SWEET! Nothing like great friends and herbal tea! It's an inspiration to see all these beautiful faces whose light shows that they are just as beautiful inside as they are outside!