when the lights go down in the city…

…and the {moon} shines on the bay…
oh i want to be there, in my city!
wooo ohh ohhhh ohhh ooooooh…

that journey song is what they play during the seventh inning stretch at giants games. i loved my first experience watching america’s favourite pastime at at&t park. it’s about a fourth as awesome as fenway park, which means it is pretty wicked cool. we got cheap craigslist tickets, the gigantes won, the weather was so mild and kind, i danced between innings and belted “take me out to the ball game,” and the wave went around the stadium without a break at least seven times. i think that certainly makes for a good baseball game.

322895_620703178712_2101662_33585750_585128139_o IMG_1925

speaking of the lights in the city and the shining bay, a couple days earlier rachael threw a bridal shower at her apartment which has stellar views for our dear bride mccaye. we enjoyed treats, presents and that certain brand of sticky sweetness that is only at showers…with the city and bay glittering out the window. mccaye is the greatest; i’m so happy for her; it was a delight to be with all these rad girls.



  1. all things that make me homesick: the att&t Giants games, BEING WITH YOU, and mcCaye's bridal showers...wish I could be there!

  2. Charity, this makes me laugh. That was mine and Katie's apartment, and no one ever said it had stellar views then! Hah, oh how things change with a little decor, apparently. Looks so fun! I loved Giants games so much.

  3. And I missed both those events! Aw shucks! But I love every single girl in those photos!

  4. lizzy, it was at rachael's apartment in north beach :) we miss you in sf so so so!!

  5. Cute McKay with all her beautiful friends! So fun to see as you continue your life as a baseball nut along with being a fabulous friend!