helllooo singapore!

i flew from san francisco to los angeles to tokyo to singapore, and wasn’t my best friend jane a sight for sore eyes waiting for me at baggage claim at changi airport at 1am! it was so sweet to be reunited – and in asia! i’d been looking forward to that moment since jane told me she was moving to singapore  nearly two years ago.

here’s the view that awaited me from the deck at jane and blake’s apartment:


and when my non-adjusted body woke me up early, i caught the end of the sunrise:


then jane took me to the pilates class she teaches, which happens to have this view:


and we stopped by the rooftop of jane and blake’s building after the class to check this out:


i’d say a pretty good introductory overview of the city! these views started off a wonderful, wonderful week on the other side of the world with my best friend. it was so fun get a glimpse into her singaporean life!


sure love that girl. many more pics to come!


  1. What a beautiful city!!! Can't wait to see more pics from your adventure. Thanks for the Thailand advice, we had a fabulous time!!

  2. Oh man it's so fun to see you tow together again! How we love you both! What a fabulous city! Did you get any tickets for not flushing the toilet? Love that place. Truly!

  3. Hi Char: I have a question. I discovered your blog thru Shawni's blog and have enjoyed reading about your adventures. Then it dawned on me - how is this possible. Didn't I read how you worked as a Nanny - or at a coffee kiosk - wait a minute - how do you afford to go to Hawaii, Singapore, etc etc. Visit this brother and that sister, - how do you finance your "passion-filled" trips?? Do Mumsy and Dadsy pay for all this? I'm a little jealous, because I work full time, make pretty decent money, yet can't afford these types of trips. Who pays your rent? Just curious.

  4. hi anonymous! thanks for the question. i should write a post about this sometime, because it is for sure a fair query! and something i feel pretty strongly about, too.

    i used to work as a nanny and in a cookie kiosk :) now i have a full-time, salaried job. my parents haven't paid my rent in a very long time :) and i finance all my own trips. i am completely financially independent from mumsey and dadsy :) (to be fair, i have opted out of other christmas or birthday gifts from my parents in the past in exchange for help buying a plane ticket - that's just it: i'd rather travel than have more things).

    we all prioritize how we spend our money. i had a roommate once who constantly complained about her tight budget yet came home with new expensive kitchen gadgets every week! that's what she loved and chose to spend her money on. my other roommate at the time would often bow out of dinners or activities that cost money yet looooved dropping some benjamins at nice clothing stores. i was technically unemployed for a good part of last year, but i still managed to get to england in the summer.

    i always think about money and expenditures in relation to traveling, because it is just what i care about spending money on! i could spend $300 on new clothes, or i could buy a plane ticket to visit a sibling! i could save money by not eating out or buying cheaper groceries and add it to my travel fund! i'm not too picky about where i live, and i've found some screaming deals on rent in the bay area. i spend almost no money on clothes and make everyone aware how much i love handmedowns (my best friend jane had a huge pile of clothes she was planning on giving to goodwill waiting for me when i got to singapore!). i just budget everything based on traveling - that's how i afford it.

    also, i have gotten really good at finding very inexpensive airfare (i got to singapore for $650 roundtrip!) and i know how to travel super cheap.

    i think it is really interesting how different people prioritize their spending. "what we can afford" is all relative!

    thanks again for the question!

  5. I, too, read your blog from Shawni's...my aunt, Barbara Whaley, probably taught you 1st grade...anyway I digress, I just wanted you to know how I think it is absolutely FANTASTIC that you budget based on your travel dreams! Live it up while you are single...I taught school and each summer traveled the world (until I got married and started having babies), but feel that I am a better wife and mother because of the experiences of my travels...keep it up!

  6. I'm another lurker jumping over from Shawni's blog (although a fellow East High alum, not too crazy). I also love LOVE reading your traveling adventures. I didn't get to travel as a teenager, but at BYU I went to Jerusalem & it changed my life. When I got married, my husband & I traveled as much as we could those first few years. Now as a mom, we've had some awesome family trips, but they are always closer to home (that's ok! The world is full of amazing destinations far AND near). Still, it's fun to dream about when I can spread my wings a little bit and travel far & wide again--and take along my four girls! So thank you for sharing, because it fills up that part of me. After visiting your blog I always add another place to my "must visit" list.