good for the soul


there have been times when we’ve been together and just looked at each other incredulously and asked –how did we find each other?! dani, sara and i are divinely meant to be dear friends. i love these two more than most anyone in the world. 

we met while studying in jerusalem, then lived together in utah, then adventured together in india. we have so many memories together – singing, talking, laughing, crying (usually because of the laughing), exploring, remembering, wondering. and it had been over a year since we’d all been together. not okay.

so dani flew to the bay and we drove north over the oregon border to sara’s new home in klamath falls. we spent two gorgeous days together experiencing that neat part of the earth. we saw some awesome stuff, but by far the best part was just being in sara’s home together  - cooking and eating and playing games and nuzzling into a deep friendship that is so, so good for the soul.

it was also so great to hang out with sara’s husband, matt. i honestly didn’t think it was possible for sara to find someone good enough for her, but that wonderful boy has somehow measured up. a highlight of our trip was matt taking us to the air force base in klamath falls and showing us the f-15 fighter plane that he flies. we learned all sorts of things about military life and matt’s adventures.

on saturday, after seeing the jets, we went caving at lava beds national park, which was very cool.
looking over the arid landscape you would have no idea that there are hundreds of caves under the soil and sagebrush.


but indeed a whole world is under the ground, created by lava flow many many years ago. i wish i could have captured the magic inside the caves – the textures in the tunnels were rad, and the neony green algae everywhere glowed and sparkled in our flashlight beams. we went deep into one cave, turned off our lights, cut open some glowsticks and splashed gleaming stars all over the cave walls, ceiling and floor.


on sunday after church we drove up to crater lake. i knew this place was supposed to be stunning, but i wasn’t prepared for the majestic beauty that we saw! it was absolutely incredible – so soothing to the eyes and good for the soul.


i have thanked god countless times for the blessing of having these women in my life.


  1. Oh how I miss all 3 of you! Love the pictures and love YOU!

  2. Oh my gosh this looks SO fun! There's nothing like true, dear friends!