old friends


remember what i said about living in a place that people often visit? yeah. pretty much it’s awesome.

margaret, a dear friend of mine from wellesley, was in the bay area last week. the only time we could meet up was before work, so i met her and josephine at plow for breakfast. i hadn’t seen margs since i left wellesley in a whirlwind in december 2007.

it’s so great when it’s been years but it feels like no time has passed. margaret is pretty stinking cool (she’s just an accomplished lawyer going back to school in the fall to get a masters in international affairs at columbia -nbd) and it was so fun to catch up face-to-face.

plow’s crispy potatoes and views of the city from portero hill and like-no-time-has-passed friends and fond college memories…a great way to start the day.


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