things i like about my life right now *part 5*

it’s certainly time for another “things i like” list. {part one part two part three part four} the past few weeks have been rough. but when i cut through it all and remember, deep in my heart i feel grateful…amazingin large part, it’s amazing because it’s hard. i’m trying to embrace what’s hard right now and remember how blessed i am.

a few things that i like about my life right now:

1- visiting teaching is such a blessing. this month i had truly wonderful visits with the sisters i’ve been asked to watch over, and i’ve been buoyed up by a visiting teacher who has taken time to make sure she’s aware of my needs. i’m just really enriched by my association with incredible women in the church in this area. i’m humbled and inspired (simultaneously – that’s the awesome part) by their examples. people are so good. i love having a peek into others’ spirits and being a part of communal uplifting. it’s powerful stuff.

2 - innosight institute has a new office! my commute has increase by fifteen minutes, but it’s worth every second. we were crammed in a too-small office in mountain view. now we have lots of space and lots of light in san mateo. the office is in an office building that is in an office park. so there’s lots of working professionals all over, and a cafe in the building next door, and an elevator. i have my own desk and a rolly chair and a bulletin board. pretty exciting! but seriously, it’s so refreshing to have this new space. i’ve made new goals at work in connection with the move and i’m learning a lot.
3 - i’m in love with my macbook air. it works so freakishly perfectly and it’s just so so beautiful. but…here’s a little tragedy in the mix: last week my computer slipped out of its case and crashed on the floor, leaving a super sad dent in the back. i have to buy a new back panel. in that split-second my beloved and babied machine became no longer perfect. but those sorts of situations are always good to remind me of the true value of things and how blessed i am that in that moment my biggest worry was a dented back panel of a brand-new macbook air. you know?

4 – although i kind of hate my cookie-cutter beige neighborhood, i really love my neighbors. there are about a dozen houses full of friends in this little redeveloped east palo alto community, and it’s so nice to have chums nearby and to be closely associated with so many good people.

5 – i’m obsessed with my gym. it’s  ridiculous, but i splurged and joined an outrageously expensive gym. major upgrade from $24/month at a nasty 24hour fitness. equinox is just so clean and beautiful! the towels are warm and smell like eucalyptus. they have fancy shampoo and conditioner, and free razors and cotton swabs and mouthwash and deodorant. the lockers are wood and there’s pretty lanterns in the yoga studio and a gorgeous pool on the roof, and every piece of equipment anyone could possibly want is available. the classes are super awesome, and after my workout i hang out in the yummy steam room for a while. i got a few personal training sessions, a private pilates reformer class, and a twenty-five minute massage all for free as a new member! i love it. i know it’s dumb to pay so much, but i just really, really love it.

6 – it’s always sunny and bright and just perfectly warm in palo alto. every. single. day. i still often miss living in san francisco, but here in the summer i remember the fog and i feel quite happy to be on the peninsula.

the truth is, after all, thatbeautifuland…


  1. What a great little list! Your gym sounds incredible and I fully support your splurge. I splurged on a personal trainer for a year a while back and while it was a ridiculous amount to pay, it really enriched my life and I'm glad I did it! Keep enjoying your summer.

  2. How fun to see this! Love your grip on what is really important. New office! Yeah! Let's talk.

  3. What wonderful things! And about your gym membership, there are things in life worth paying a lot of money for. A fantastic gym would definitely be one of them!

  4. So proud of you for splurging a little on you! You deserve it!

  5. Really awesome, I loved reading this! I went to Equinox in Palo Alto (not sure if that's the one you joined) when I was home over Christmas with my sister (she got me in with a guest pass) and WOW I think I would be more inspired to work out if I could go somewhere awesome like that (maybe)! It really is gorgeous and high tech. We took a super intense Power Yoga class, I recommend it, you'll definitely get your money's worth!

    Oh btw- I went ahead and ordered The Happiness Project, I'm very excited to read it!

    perfectly priya


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