perfect day in utah

i seriously had the most perfect 30 hours in utah on my way home from new orleans.

the reason for my stop-over was to meet my dear, dear, dear friend abby’s brand new baby girl, which was just devastatingly wonderful. cath (and her son sam) and i brought abby and baby miya some breakfast (just like abby and i did for cath when sam was born). we sat on the couch and swooned over the baby and talked and talked. it was the most pristinely lovely morning. it was heavenly. there’s just nothing like meeting the child of someone you super love. my heart was so very, very full.


as i drove back to my parents’ condo downtown, in the snow, with music ringing in my ears, thinking about growing up – the girls i did that with growing babies – i felt just fit to burst with love for cath, abby, sam and miya; with recognition of the sheer beauty of life. tenderness ran through all my veins.


isn’t the view from my parents’ condo pretty fantastic?

after being so so hot in new orleans, it was quite the contrast to experience salt lake like this – super chilly, blanketed with the first snow. i had been so excited to see the fall leaves so when i heard it was going to snow on my one day at home, i was a little ticked. but when that morning came with its swirling white magic, as a california girl i was smitten and all day quite giddy about the snow.

i met keri at cafe rio for lunch. cafe rio is one of those things that’s just worth all the hype. it just really is that good. and keri! she’s such a pearl. i love talking to her. i love that she is my friend.

IMG_1007 IMG_1008

i had made such an ideal plan for my day that worked out perfectly. after lunch i met julie at the beehive tea room, which is the most darling, darling place. i can’t believe i’ve never known of it before! it was perfect for a snowy afternoon – hot drinks and a cozy atmosphere. and add in julie and her class and sass – what a delight!


i drove down to provo and picked up dani and her house and we headed up the canyon. we impulsely decided to go to the rock canyon overlook down a long snowy road. it was spectacular. it was so marvelously spectacular! i sucked that mountain air, missed so fondly, into my lungs so deliberately.


dani and i are soulmates. and it was so good to catch up. and soak up beauty together. we drove back down the mountain to meet lisa and megan. i couldn’t stand how gorgeous the blush of late fall in the canyon was. i really staunchly believe that mt. timpanogos is the most beautiful mountain on earth.


lisa and megan are two of my very most favity faves. the four of us took a little walk on the river trail to bridal veil falls. the sky turned from azure to pale to yellow to indigo and then to velvet night as we left. oh my spirit was glad. it was magic.

IMG_1043IMG_1044IMG_1052 IMG_1054IMG_1066

i met my mom and dad back up in salt lake for a thai dinner. i asked for advice and we talked and talked. i can’t believe how blessed i am to have my parents. they are the best dinner company. we went back to the condo and talked more (and watched the world series). i love them.


seriously. this was certainly one of my best days ever, filled with people and places that i love so much it hurts.


  1. I don't know you, but I bet my aunt (Barbara Whaley) probably taught you in 1st grade (she was several of your siblings teacher)...anyway, I just love your blog and your zest for life! What a fabulous lady you are! Enjoy singlehood because all these neat experiences are going to make you the greatest mother and wife one day...P.S. my name is Chamaine Wollenzien and I promise that I am not crazy! :)

  2. you are so darn beautiful charity!

  3. Oh gosh! What beauty....all around!

  4. I admire the love you have for your parents, and the fact that you see them as a blessing. You're so very lucky.

  5. let's have days like that every week. yeah? definitely during thanksgiving week at least :).

  6. I was just chatting with my friend today about how fun it was when we were single and could do everything we wanted. Reading this makes me wish I had appreciated it more. Like you have.


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