chopping down the tree

chopping down a christmas tree in the santa cruz mountains has been a holiday tradition for me since i moved to the bay area {last year here; year before here}. i woke up on december first as giddy as can be about heading south to get my tree. my roommates couldn’t come, so i enlisted some other friends to help me find the perfect pine. it was a rainy, foggy morning – the closest we get to winter weather here – and we listened to christmas songs as we drove to the tree farm. it was the perfect christmas spirit kick-off.

IMG_2558IMG_2560IMG_2564 IMG_2567IMG_2569

there were lots of pretty trees and i had a hard time picking out the ideal one for my little living room. i ended up deciding on a lovely little redwood. i think it’s pretty cool to have a redwood christmas tree. very northern california. we took turns sawing it down.

IMG_2575 IMG_2576 IMG_2577 IMG_2580IMG_2584

there’s something about driving with a christmas tree atop the car and passing a bunch of cars on the highway matching with pines on top that just tickles my glowing christmas heart.

and with that, the most wonderful time of the year officially began.


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