christmas tree tour

on saturday night, i got to take two of my favourite people on my “christmas trees of san francisco” tour.
{last year here; year before here}
IMG_1303 IMG_1305
we passed victorians and tree lots on our way to fisherman’s wharf.
the tree at pier 39 sparkles like the eiffel tower!
IMG_1307 IMG_1309IMG_1314
i love the curtains of lights in the hyatt. it “snows” (soap bubbles) in the lobby every evening.
union square christmas is nyc 5th avenue-esque. that’s saying a lot.
IMG_1321IMG_1322 IMG_1337IMG_1324IMG_1336
the life-size gingerbread house in the fairmont hotel is fun, and their tree is gorgeous!
IMG_1339 IMG_1342
the red tree at 555 california is my favourite. that’s where my old bakery bubble is,
and the lights are wrapped temple-square-style. that’s saying a lot. 
IMG_1345 IMG_1347IMG_1348IMG_1363
in the air there’s a feeling of christmas! it’s christmastime in the city! soon it will be christmas day!


  1. This makes me want to go to SF during Christmas time! Beautiful pictures!


  2. We will be coming from Canada on the 28th, these photos are making me very excited for our trip now. Is there any else you would do with kids.

  3. Hey Charity! This is Lisa - the girl who talked to you in Cafe Rio while you were in Salt Lake :) Love to hear about your adventures! Fun to see the great pictures. And whoever he is - he is CUTE! Hope you have a fabulous holiday season.

  4. OK, Charity, he's been in two posts so far that I've seen lately - WHO'S THE CUTE GUY???!!??


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