eyre girls hit laguna beach

i spent last weekend in sunny southern california with my three sisters, four sister-in-laws, one incredible mom and my brand new niece! it was dreeeeeamy.

we rented a house in bluebird canyon just a mile inland from the sea and spent a lot of time talking.
in addition to all reading the same book with lots of ideas to talk about,
we also had sent out lot of articles to each other that we wanted to discuss together,
and we shared our highs and lows from the last year, and expressed a lot of worries and joys and love.

we took a gorgeous walk around the neighborhood at golden hour with views of the ocean:
not sure where this pose came from…:

we went to crystal cove (just like two years ago!) and talked during our 2-hour wait to eat at beachcomber cafe:
and watched the sunset after checking out the laguna art museum:

IMG_0057 IMG_0060
we went to breakfast at the yummiest cafe in the middle of the town of laguna beach.

we had an extra surprise guest at the meal – dad! he flew in just to spend the afternoon with us. he can’t stand it when we are together and he’s not there. we went to the most gorgeous beach spot after brunch:
and then crammed into a small booth for dinner – lots more discussing and chatting and sharing:


maybe the best part of the weekend was
meeting my new niece zara jade. she’s my closest brother’s daughter and also my namesake (we share a middle name)! she is so, so darling and there’s nothing like that bit of heaven that comes with a newborn. it’s so incredible to me that she is half my brother and half my sister-in-law. and that even 24 nieces and nephews in, i am still such an enamored aunt!

it is just outrageous how blessed i am to have these women in my life.
i am so sad to leave that heavenly weekend and return to reality … but i am surely better for the time spent with such inspiring and empowering and loving humans.


  1. This looks like it was so much fun! I'm the oldest in my family, but I can't wait until my sisters all grow up too and then we can do fun things like this. Cali seriously looks amazingly gorgeous, you are lucky to live there! Love your blog..I really admire you :)

  2. I am simply astonished at my athletic ability in that fourth picture. I can't believe that I have both feet off the ground but that's the way I felt all weekend. LOL!

    What a time we had!

  3. What book did you guys all read? Your sister trip looks way fun! Everyone needs strong, smart, kinda women in their lives.

  4. That is so neat that you all are so close!

  5. char, you look straight out of a magazine. i am so jealous of all of you mfme! love you lots xo


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