on the road

kelsey and i took another epic road trip this past weekend. [seattle] [big sur + hearst castle] [santa barbara] [yosemite] from friday evening to sunday afternoon, i just couldn’t stop feeling immense gratitude for this time in my life. we enjoyed incredible scenery and transcendent moments of stun from natural beauty of earth, and we listened to beautiful music and had beautiful conversation and winded along the coast and through fern and redwood forests and had a beautiful time. and i was just glad to be alive, and healthy, and young, and unmarried and adventurous and aware and here in space and time.

i just know i will look back on this chapter of life with such fondness, and that i will love telling my grandchildren about the times when i would take adventure road trips all over northern california, in those golden years that were so hard in so many ways but oh! so wonderful in so many ways.


we left straight from work and headed north across the golden gate bridge. we stopped in wine country down a random gorgeous road to frolic through the vineyards at sunset. the world was glowing! truly. pictures don’t do it justice.


we ate delicious pizza and pasta in healdsburg and then drove through the dark along the coast to mendocino county. we sang along to all kinds of music from patty griffin to the avett brothers to lady gaga to les miserables soundtrack to bach’s unaccompanied cello suites to backstreet boys. we pulled into the campsite quite late and pitched a tent and talked under the stars.

more to come from the spectacular mendocino coast!


  1. Sounds wonderful! BTW, are you going to be "unmarried" for much longer???!!??

  2. This is EXACTLY the kind of adventure I hope to have in a couple weeks! Hope you won't be adventured-out by then! Found a place and will be there April 1st! Woohoo!!

  3. where was the boy?


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