something to share

i think it’s pretty incredible how linked the human family is in 2013. the internet is truly a miracle that allows for connections that otherwise would be impossible. i have so loved being connected with amazing individuals through this blog, and i’m so authentically grateful for the forum that is the internet that allows us to share.

readers of this blog are well-aware of my passion for family and parenthood. i’ve written about the longing that i personally feel to be a mother. 

baby1 baby2

a recognition of the power of sharing and the supreme importance of family prompts me to give a little shout-out today to friends of a friend. i don’t know shug & paul at all, beyond what my friend brittany has told me about them. we’ve never interacted in any way. but because of the sharing world that we live in, i know about their desire to be parents. and i’d like to do whatever i can to help that miracle happen.

here is their adoption profile
please continue the sharing.


  1. You're great. Thank you so much.

  2. I'm Brittany Atkinson's sister. Thanks for sharing Shug and Paul's profile!

  3. Thanks for sharing about Paul and Shug. They are wonderful individuals and a very special family. Any child would be tremendously blessed to be a member of their family and raised in their home.