lucky layover

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my dearest, darlingest friend sara lives 6,094 miles away on a little spot in the sea called okinawa. i had high hopes for a visit to her tropical island this summer, and then high hopes of spending some time with her in utah while she was in the states for her brother’s wedding. circumstance, finances and scheduling left me quite hopeless of both of those prospects. i was just feeling so sad that i didn’t know when the next time would be that i could see my dearest, darlingest friend.

and then! last thursday i got a text from japan. sara and her husband matt had a three hour layover in san francisco the very next day!!! i had a meeting at work in the middle of their time in california, but was able to shoot over to the airport with thirty minutes to spare. after a bubbly reunion, we stood on the top level of the parking lot under the warm sun and talked about okinawa and palo alto and the past and the future.

a blessed half an hour. i love sara + matt a lot.

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  1. Love her too! So happy that she and Matt showed up at our ward the next day. A totally random, delightful surprise!