a lot of pumpkins

a couple of weekends ago, my bosom friend julie came to town! on friday night, i met up with julie, her friend elise (who i became fast friends with) and our friend christyn, who just moved to the bay area, at the firepits at the ritz carlton in half moon bay. although the fog meant no visible sunset, a bagpiper played for half an hour to usher in the nighttime and it was magical! we had such a great time catching up and making fancy s’mores around the fire.


julie and elise slept over, and on saturday morning we headed back to half moon bay for the town’s annual pumpkin festival. when julie visited me a few years ago we went to this event together, and it was even better this year. it really got me in the spirit of autumn.


julie put this pumpkin in front of her face for a cute little picture when we first got to the festival. and then since we had started, we just couldn’t stop…IMG_3445
we found some interesting types of pumpkins…
IMG_3521 IMG_3447
a plastic pumpkin and a glass pumpkin…
IMG_3461 IMG_3465
ate pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin pie…
IMG_3450 IMG_3458 
….and pumpkin mac n cheese and a pumpkin smoothie…
IMG_3476 IMG_3500
found all kinds of pumpkin paraphernalia…
IMG_3496 IMG_3478
…and ate some more pumpkiny food like pumpkin ice cream and a pumpkin roll…
IMG_3488 IMG_3490
and stopped to check out some other unique gourds before the end of the day.
IMG_3518 IMG_3519IMG_3526 IMG_3530

we got quite a kick out of all these pictures of julie as a pumpkin head. maybe you had to be there?

the festival was really crowded and really fun. the weather was beautiful as the mystical morning fog burned off. i loved exploring everything with julie and elise.IMG_3484

at noon there was a pumpkin parade down half moon bay’s main street. it was charming.IMG_3506
we were so excited when we saw the prize-winning giant pumpkin come by and a darling little girl we’d met a the firepits the night before on top of the float! she was so excited to recognize us.
and yep, that’s right, the biggest pumpkin of the year weighed in at a whopping 1,985 pounds. that’s a big pumpkin.
we walked down the parade route at the end, which was a fun and easier way to get through the crowds!

hooray for pumpkins and for autumn!



  1. Charity-
    You are so beautiful and wonderful! I am sorry for your recent losses and the deep pain you have been enduring. In time, there will be much healing and as the days go by things will get easier (and sometimes harder, too).

    You are blessed with an amazing family and tons of friends. Take time to be with them, seek their counsel and also be alone sometimes as that's good for your soul, too. You are a catch and I am certain we are all praying for God's best for you.

    Thank you for sharing all of you. You are a treasure!

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