state bird provisions

photo 1 (1)i’ve heard a lot of buzz about a new restaurant in the city that has been named the best new restaurant in the country and one of the best restaurants in the entire world. so much buzz, in fact, that eating at state bird provisions in san francisco has made it all the way onto my life bucket list.

it is impossible to get a reservation at this place. i’ve checked the website probably a hundred times, and there is always no availability. this sense of unattainability just makes the restaurant all that more alluring.

state bird provisions recently closed for renovations, and reopened the week before kelsey’s birthday photo 2 (1)(kelsey, my dear partner in foodie adventures, has also been super duper itching to try it). with the reopen came a pledge to reserve some tables for walk-ins. hallelujah! a perfect chance to experience an unreal meal in celebration of kelsey’s birthday!

kelsey went to the restaurant at 4pm on the day before her birthday and waited on the street outside the front door for an hour and a half until it opened. she was the third in line and there were dozens behind her. i raced up from san jose to meet her, and did just in the nick of the time, at the chef’s counter.

let’s just say it was definitely worth the hype.

photo 3 (1)

the food is served dim-sum style – waiters come around with carts and trays with lots of different small plates to try – and we tried nearly one of everything. i wish i would have written down (and taken pictures of!) all of the incredible creations we sampled – everything from thai-style pork belly to buttery biscuits with duck liver spread to lobster salsa to steak tartar with potato chips to the crown jewel: fried quail (california’s state bird) with provisions. we were just dying over everything the whole time. it was neat to sit at the bar and watch the chefs, and the atmosphere matched the edibles in just sheer coolness.

i daresay it was the best meal experience of my life to date!

we finished off the night with an amazing dessert and a shot each of the restaurant’s celebrated world peace peanut milk. it was like golden heaven in a lil baby glass. holy yum.

deeelicious check off on the bucket list.

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  1. That sounds and looks AWESOME!

  2. I'll AMEN this. My mouth is still watering. Thanks for sharing with me!!