to do in the next 73 years…

a little over a year ago, i posted a quick draft of a bucket list – a collection of some things i want to do before i die. since then, i have crossed off a few dreams and have added quite a few more. i’ve decided to work on my life goals list every fall. it is still very unorganized, prioritized and patchy but it will continue to evolve, shrinking and growing. this world is beautiful and being alive is so glorious. i just want to drink it all in and pour it all out.

mary oliver beautifulride

get married in the temple
give birth naturally
give birth again
live in new york city
live in india
live in china
live in europe (no, england does not count. ask a brit.)
serve a mission
street perform
contribute something tangible to the building of a temple
take an international trip alone
run a half-marathon
run a marathon
become a certified yoga instructor
study abroad in jerusalem
visit all the national parks
see the northern lights
drive across the country
own a bed & breakfast
hike mt. timpanogos
ride a bike around bear lake
read all the chronicles of narnia
get into a competitive university
graduate from college
teach english as a second language
find a fulfilling career
have a secret boyfriend
be somewhere where all i can see to the horizon is sand
feel an earthquake
scuba dive
boy haircut (post-marriage)
write and publish a book
own a house and create a home
do an around-the-world trip
kiss a stranger
be fluent in another language
spend a weekend at a spa
paint something that i hang on my wall
own a mac computer
throw an incredible surprise party
roadtrip from vancouver to tiajuana
ride an elephant
ride a camel

volunteer at the olympics
see the spiral jetty
observe ramadan
move somewhere exciting without a plan
win an award
win a big prize out of luck
do the middle splits
times square on new years eve
have a garden
invent something
get kissed in the rain
dance in new york
have a regular column in a newspaper or magazine
go to culinary school
be quoted
go to a yoga retreat
do at least a day of silence (at a yoga retreat?)
singlehandedly cook an entire thanksgiving dinner
be in a parade
be in the middle of a real-live lantern festival (yes, just like that scene in tangled)
take my husband to israel
ride in a hot air balloon
buy a plane ticket on the next plane out, no matter where it’s going
learn to sail
sew an entire outfit for myself
get a master’s degree
read the book of mormon in one week
spend a weekend sleeping in a treehouse
be able to label every country on a world map
spend some time in new zealand
make perfect beouf bourguignon
visit salvation mountain
dive at the great barrier reef
be in paris with my lover
eat at state bird provisions
chop down my own christmas tree
create a recipe
listen to jazz in the french quarter, new orleans
watch the sun rise over yosemite
hike the grand canyon
spend some time in the south
sleep on a (not cruise) boat for several consecutive nights
backpack through european countries i haven’t been to with my husband
drive across the canadian border
drive across the mexican border

explore british columbia
visit prince edward island and (while i’m there) quebec
maintain an inventory of everything i own
take my children to the developing world
have a porch swing
helicopter over the na pali coast
be able to play 10 hymns on the piano
be a wicked awesome homemaker
start a small business
learn to truly embody charity
kiss on the fifty yard line
do a 5 minute plank
eat an insect
take my husband to a homecoming football game at my high school
learn simple coding
learn web design and design a website
run a stand at a farmers’ market
make real friends (ie we have dinner together sometimes) with my grocer
exercise every day for a year
go without sweets for a year
don’t buy anything new for a year
write in my journal every day for a year
film one second or take one picture every day for a year
go one week without using any internet
go to the temple every week (except when out of the country) for a year
learn how to french braid
memorize poems
go to a diner en blanc
work with troubled teens
inspire youth to look outside themselves
become a master teacher
visit all fifty states
make someone’s dream come true – a few someones
swim in a bioluminescent bay
participate in a giant food fight
create a comprehensive and awesome san francisco guide
watch a new human experience all human firsts
zipline through the jungle
zipline through the redwoods
buy some stock
organize all my personal history
do work in 75 temples
do a significant service project with my family every christmas
join the bone marrow donor registry
save one third of my income for a year
take someone i really, really love on a surprise trip


  1. Oh my heck! A five minute plank?!? Are you crazy?!??


  2. Tell us your stranger kiss story! Please please please...

  3. Is the boy still in the picture?

  4. That is quite the list. I wish you the best of luck in completing it.

  5. What an AWESOME list,I LOVE it! It inspires me to add a few more daring and "out there" things to my own bucket list.

  6. When you come to Utah next summer let's hike Mt. Timp. Michael and I have been dying to do that too!

  7. I smiled at "be a wicked awesome homemaker ". Go you!

  8. I smiled at "be a wicked awesome homemaker ". Go you!

  9. I'll be your secret boyfriend.

  10. Now, I am awaiting the post-marriage haircut ;) You can already cross off some more items on your list :)