lessons from heartbreak and heartache

marth2-true love is real. and it is moroni 7:45.
-my pride manifests itself in demands, expectations and stubbornness that things should be a certain way.
-love is a choice. love is giving. love is also letting go, giving in, surrendering for someone else.
-heartbreak is oh so real. it has to be worked through. no amount of hope can kill the emotions that must be processed in a broken heart.
martha1-yet, hope is enabling. it is amber, honeyed belief that someday, not today and probably not for many days but someday, it will be okay.
-humility is power.
-change in relationship status does not negate magic that happened. that is still real. it doesn’t have be erased or made bitter.
-i need someone who challenges me to be gentle and sweet and less selfish.
-i must listen and respond to promptings to relax, to choose appreciation over expectations and empathy over demands, and to let go.
-i am grateful that my life is rich and deep and hard.

the images in my recent posts about my broken heart are all photographs by barbara morgan of the dance art of martha graham. i wrote a long paper in college about morgan and graham’s collaboration and adore these images which evoke so much emotion.


  1. All so true. What a great mind you have!

  2. Yes, magic. Yes, humility. Yes, hope.

  3. Hang in there. Wait for that later, truer love.

  4. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason...and I am thankful that I get to take away and learn something from person I meet...it will happen ...when it is meant to happen.

  5. I have to quote Indigo Girls here, "So what is love then? Is it dictated or chosen? Does it sing like the hymns of a thousand years? Or is it just pop emotion? And if it ever was there and it left does it mean it was never true?" Being heart broken hurts. Bad. But you have and are and will learn so much from this and it especially gets better when a new boy is in the picture :)

  6. a broken heart happens to many many people. but not everyone has your wisdom and takes the time for true self reflection. everything seems to work out in the end as it should. and it will for you too. in the meantime, keep enjoying life as a single woman living in an amazing city with great friends. not everyone has that experience and it IS a special time in your life. i will always cherish my "single years" in my 20's, traveling and living with friends in new york city.

  7. Charity, these are some of the most profound thoughts I have ever heard on this subject. I have had many of these thoughts myself, but have never been able to express them so beautifully. Some of these belong in a quote book. You're amazing.