thirty (and a little secret revealed!)

last week was the boy's thirtieth birthday!

we celebrated all week long, culminating in a party with friends and a huge chocolate cake with sparklers in it (which were a little too close for comfort in this picture...)
you also might notice from this picture that the boy's name! i first started calling him "the boy" on this blog because i wanted to be sensitive to his privacy in some way, and honestly because i wasn't sure at all how i felt about him, and naming him just seemed too conclusive, i guess! and "the boy" just stuck! and then it became a bit endearing to those close to us. and then i kind of enjoyed continuing the mystery :) (although there were plenty of giveaways on my sister and mom's blogs, and even a clue on the post about his birthday last year...) i'm probably going to keep calling him the boy on the blog...

and holy cow i am so glad he was born. i asked thirty people in his life to write him a little note of love, admiration and appreciation and compiled them as a birthday gift. as i read through what his siblings, parents, grandparents, friends and those he serves and serves with in church wrote about him, i was overwhelmed by what a remarkable human being the boy is. i wish everyone could know him - he is the most earnest, good to the core man i've ever encountered. he has a golden sparkly heart. and i am crazy in love with him. 

i am so grateful for how the boy spent the first thirty years of his life becoming who he is, and i'm so excited to spend the next thirty by his side (and the next, and the next). 


  1. I've known his name for a while because of this post
    Which is coincidentally one of the first posts I read on this blog. But, I like when bloggers use codenames for the people in their lives, there's something charming about it.

  2. Happy Birthday, Ian!

    (I've also known his name for a long time.)

  3. Since he's going to be a married man now, maybe he can be promoted to being called The Man. Just a friendly suggestion:P (Because there's no such thing as a married boy, is there?)

  4. Oh, wait, wait, a better idea than The Man: call him My Man! That is such a hot thing to say, don't you think?!

    My Man just celebrated his birthday.
    I went out to dinner with My Man.
    I love cooking for My Man. (That statement is so hot!)
    My Man's favorite breakfast is waffles.
    My Man thinks my blog commenters are amazing.

  5. Wow what a guy/boy/man! And what a cake! He deserves it!


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