london dinner party

{this post is a big flashback to a lovely evening before the boy and i moved out of our tiny studio and left to circle the globe. i couldn’t post this before we took off because not everything was totally set in stone for our move to london, so i didn’t want to give anything away! :) i’ll return to beijing after this!}

dinnerparty.pngwith my impending move from california, the sad time came for brittany and i to throw our final dinner party together. we have had so much fun over the past couple of years cooking and entertaining together. i will miss this part of my palo alto life immensely.
we decided to have a farewell dinner party themed around the boy and my upcoming new home, the magical city of london. we made a full roast dinner with lots of sides and even yorkshire pudding. and of course we had trifle and hob nobs for dessert. we invited our closest most beloved friends and had such a delightful evening talking and laughing in my teensy tinsey kitchen.
 IMG_4355 IMG_4385
^^ we were going to eat outside under the bistro lights, but it was just too chilly to be comfortable (we even tried surrounding the table with space heaters!). we settled for letting the lights’ glow come in the kitchen window. ^^ we had these yummy cucumber/dill/salmon appetizers, which have nothing to do with london but were delicious!
^^ it was an awesome adventure cooking in my super small kitchen. ^^
^^ the yorkshire puddings right out of the oven, before they fell pretty flat (about 10 seconds later). ha! worthy effort! ^^
IMG_4383 IMG_4391IMG_4374 IMG_4392IMG_4398
^^ my most favourite girls. love them dearly and will miss them so so much! ^^
what a perfect night with beloved friends in a beloved place.
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  1. that dinner looks delicious! i'm so impressed

  2. What an extraordinary time you've had doing these fun parties. They make such lovely memories! This is beautiful!!! Food looks yummy!

  3. Ha ha, finally :) The real star of the night was that table runner. So gorgeous!


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