things i like about my life right now {part 6!}

serrathis sculpture by richard serra is at the cantor center for the arts on stanford’s campus.
i loved getting lost in it on a stroll of the museum last sunday. part sculpture, part canyon.
which brings me to my first happy thing on today’s list…

stanford. is cool. i feel like there is still so much for me to explore on campus. luckily i have a good friend who is a student to help me. living close to a world-class incredible university means cool places and cool events.

one of my new years resolutions is to go to sleep early (11pm at the latest) and wake up early (7am at the latest). most days, on my way to the gym in the morning, i get to see sunrises. there have been some spectacular ones the last couple of weeks – teal and cobalt and coral and tangerine and gold. i’ve also caught some stellar sunsets on the way home from the office on the 280. it’s a good time of year for daylight hours corresponding with my commute!

my beloved subaru died an awful oil crisis death a couple of months ago. i have been mourning its loss, boo-hoo. i finally got around to buying a car, which happens to be a total lemon (necessary on my budget). but i’ve sloooowly, inch-by-inch, started to be endeared to my super ugly forest green cracked and dented honda civic. and the freedom of having a car again is certainly something i like about my life these days.

i have really, really fantastic co-workers. last week, as “office social chair,” i organized an open house for all our work friends and collaborators in the bay area to come check out our new office. it was such a fun evening! every wednesday our team gathers in the conference room to discuss the theories of innovation, and i just keep learning so, so much. i am grateful for a job that challenges my mind in a lot of ways, and to be a part of a team that is really doing something to make the world better.

speaking of the innosight institute office…we have a back room, which we call the library, or the cave, which i love. there is a comfy couch and a patchwork quilt, and it’s always quieter and warmer than the rest of the office. it’s so nice to go back there and take off my shoes and cuddle up and get some work done.

there’s this boy that i like, and it is very fun being quite constantly excited to see him. i’m just going to say it: being in love is the best. a couple of days ago we sent off a paper lantern into the jet-black sky over the bay and as it floated up into a glowing speck, we saw a shooting star. just saying – there’s some kind of magic in my life right now…

the power yoga class at my gym! is the best thing ever! i love the teacher, i love the space, i love that i am dripping in sweat when i leave, i love the soothing music and the centering feeling and the deep relaxation at the end. last week i also trekked up to the city after work to return to yoga on the labyrinth at grace cathedral. i used to go every week when i lived up there, and i’ve missed it so! moving thoughtfully in the nave of the cathedral, the live music and soothing voice of the instructor, the cold stone and the multicolored mats and the bells donging halfway through class…i love it. not to mention breathing in the hustle and bustle and cable car dinging of the city before and after, ascending and descending nob hill.

my roommate owns a blendtech. and she is very generous about her full, wide array of kitchen gadgets. i feel limitless in the kitchen!

i am quite convinced i have the best calling in the church – sacrament meeting chorister in the stanford 2 ward. have i blogged about this before? i love, love, love leading the singing of the hymns so much. pretty much everyone in my ward sings the hymns, and quite loudly, and from the heart. looking out on my striving, golden-hearted peers just fills me right up with so much goodness. i love those songs and i love those countenances. 

the list goes on in my mind and heart. but there’s today’s sampling. oh, gosh, it’s just true: life is beautiful!

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  1. soooo happy that you're happy!!!!!!

  2. Me too Jane! Have I ever told you that you are quite an amazing writer? Love that you love life!

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  4. Hey, we spoke recently via email about your visit to England and Bath!

    I just loved reading this post, are you getting that warm fuzzy feeling and flutters in your tummy when you see the boy you like?



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