straight from heaven

image (10) 2on sunday morning, i experienced a little slice of heaven. i got to meet this perfect baby boy (<—) just hours after his birth. cuddling him up in the soft morning light in a hospital room with my dearest of dear friends was truly celestial.

i had been so excited to meet baby v #2, and when he went a week past his due date without making an appearance, i was so worried we’d miss each other in utah! a little pitocin got him here in time for me to welcome him to this crazy beautiful world.

abby and i brought catherine and bert breakfast just like we did when baby v #1 was born, and just like catherine and i did when abby’s baby girl was born. this has got to be my favourite tradition ever.

image (11) 2

that hour in that hospital room felt so special and sacred – it was a quiet celebration of the magnificent miracles of birth and of sweet human connections – friendships that are sown so deep.


  1. So so so so glad the timing worked out and you were able to meet him. Love you!

  2. How this worked so perfectly I'll never know. It's your magic touch! Beautiful baby and such lovely friends!