vineyard autumn


on saturday, kelsey and i woke up early and drove north for a bike ride through the sonoma vineyards.

it was a really stupendous day. i just cannot get over those gorgeous rows of foliage, gilded under the slanty autumn sunshine. a napa/sonoma bike ride in the fall is something i have done every single november since i moved to northern california {2010 / 2011 / 2012}, and it’s just the best (i daresay vineyard autumn competes with mountain autumn!).

this is me saying, “can you believe how magnificent this day is??” we enjoyed splendidly perfect weather.P1013002P1013007P1013021P1013027P1013031P1013038
we went down some random dirt road and found the most amazing untouched spot – we were seriously stunned. it was incredibly peaceful and outrageously beautiful.
P1013041P1013047P1013043 P1013045P1013056P1013058P1013060 P1013062P1013063
after our ride, we drove up sonoma highway to have a picnic in the gardens at the st. jean chateau winery.P1013069P1013074 P1013077IMAG3488P1013078P1013081P1013083P1013088
and stopped at another winery that also had an olive tree grove and olive oil tasting.


we ate dinner at a celebrated restaurant in the town of sonoma called the girl and the fig. the food was very california fresh and super tasty.

and then we drove back to the city, blasting beautiful music, as the sun set. of course we had to stop at the lookout point in the marin headlands to soak in the perfectly clear view of the bridge and the city, as well as the full moon moonlight on the bay. i’ve never been in that spot without being really cold and nearly blown over by the wind – but saturday night it was so calm and pristine and perfect. we just watched the bridge glow and the city glimmer for a while.

wow! the world is deliciously beautiful.




  1. Oh Char, this makes me long to do Napa again with you like we did last year! What a perfect time that was. You know how to make everything so picture-perfect and fun. I love you.

  2. We win. #adventurebuddiesforever. <3

  3. I love all your beautiful photographs. You've inspired me to post more on my own blog. I hope you'll check it out as I share a funny story about a really bad blind date I just had that I'm sure you can relate to. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Wow, these autumn pix are fantastic. The colours are stunning:)

    I'm not sure if we have vineyards like that here in the UK.

    The trees here are looking brill at the moment, in fact I think they look better in November than they do in October.

    I thank Heavenly Father for my sight so that I can see the beautiful world that we have, especially at this time of year.

    I'm really glad you get as excited about autumn as much as I do:)

  5. What gorgeous photos! I saw these last week on my iPad and it wouldn't let me comment. Could there be a more beautiful spot on earth. Now for the cold and rain of the east coast. Good Luck!

  6. BEAUTIFUL! oh, I wished we lived closer. Great photos, cute girls.