things to look forward to

it’s september!! i’m so happy, because that means autumn is on its way, and autumn is just my favourite. while we don’t get too much lovely crispness and color here in the bay, september/october/november do bring glorious fog-free weather and the best events of the year. there’s so much that i’m looking forward to this fall:

  • on saturday, the boy and i are going to a stanford football game! i love love the exuberant atmosphere of college football. i fully intend to make chili and cornbread that day, bring a thermos of hot coco even though i’m sure it won’t be cold at all, and cheer on the cardinal under the lights.
  • sunny, bright days in the city. i think it’s time for me to bike the bridge again – i haven’t in ages!
  • banana bread, pumpkin snickerdoodles, butternut squash soup, etc.
  • fleet week! i need to find a good rooftop to watch the action.
  • the half moon bay pumpkin festival. i missed it last year and i just think it’s so fun! i just learned that bagpipers play on the cliffs at the ritz in half moon bay at sunset, so we’ll have to make a whole day of it.
  • colorful tights and scarves and pulling out my boots.
  • i’m going to utah for general conference weekend! i am so excited to see the prophet and apostles, a convert from my mission coming all the way from england, my parents, my sister and her family, dearest friends (particularly catherine and her new baby, who will just be a few weeks old!) and especially my utah mountains in all their autumn grandeur.
  • halloween – i love halloween and i’m thinking i want to throw some sort of party…
  • dia de los muertos in the mission – one of my favourite events that i am excited to share with the boy.
  • kelsey and my 4th annual guy fawkes day celebration!!
  • i may or may not be scheming up a east coast tour for thanksgiving – i have an entire week off!

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p.s. after that awful week i had last week, a friend shared this message with me, and i found it a perfectly-timed tender mercy and beautiful reminder. as summer turns to autumn, and autumn to winter, on and on my whole life through, i hope i can prove that i am saint for all seasons.


  1. LOVE this post Char! I always leave summer with some sadness but this year I'm truly looking forward to the changing of seasons and all it brings.

    Great talk!

  2. Hope we are invited to some of your celebrations!! :)
    And when do you want to come for dinner?