another new year

woah, it’s been a wild year. certainly the highest highs and lowest lows of my heart’s life. i’m feeling really really glad today that there’s a fresh shiny new year ahead. see ya twenty thirteen!

photo 3 (33) photo 5 (26)photo 2 (34)photo 4 (28)photo 4 (29)
{my mom and dad and i got certainly the best view of the downtown fireworks from the thirtieth floor of their apartment building on south temple.}

top twenty from two thousand thirteen:
-being in real true love
-experiencing the intense sanctification of searing heartbreak
-spending thanksgiving week on the east coast
-seeing the spiral jetty and salvation mountain
-lots of sparklers and lantern set-offs
-christensen institute five year anniversary gala / website launch
-a few euphoric days in san francisco
-first in-love valentine’s day
-the bay lights
-mfme trip in laguna beach
-july in utah and idaho
-stolen car (it worked out really good in the end)
-dinner parties
-the challenges of my new job
-general conference weekend in utah
-grandma’s funeral with parents and all siblings
-northern california road trips: pt. reyes, mendocino, big sur and whale watching, pt. lobos and santa cruz, pinnacles, gualala, sonoma
-visit from mom
-dancing with my students at breakfast

top ten for two thousand fourteen:
-get married
-bali and another trip abroad
-transition into a new professional role (probably a classroom teacher)
-be in the best physical and spiritual shape of my life
-serve in my community
-write in a journal every single day
-read a ton of books
-don’t waste time
-make this blog awesome
-be really alive everyday


  1. I hope all of your wishes and goals for 2014 happen. Happy 2014!

  2. I'm so thankful we have a God who hears our prayers and the longings of our hearts. I prayed and hoped and longed to get married for many, many years. At a few points I thought He had forgotten me. I'm ashamed to say that now that I see that His plan was/is far greater than I could ever have imagined. I just got married in Nov at almost 31 years old. I'm praying for you. Sending hugs.