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after nearly twelve years (!!) of "dripping with passion," i've moved my blogging over to a different little spot on the internet.

this blog has been a really valued and really valuable part of my life throughout all those years. i'm so glad i have pictures and thoughts and memories documented and organized. i've made meaningful connections with people all over the world and from so many different walks of life. i've been pushed to think more deeply from comments and conversations here. i've had the opportunity to reflect on what and how i should share and that has been really enriching in a lot of ways. i've been touched by expressions of gratitude and inspiration and encouragement. i love that i've been able to share and learn here.

and so, i will continue blogging - i'll keep maintaining a family record, and sharing thoughts and beauty that i try to capture. i have zero interest in growing a following or monetizing or driving more traffic. but i do hope this little community will continue, that the meaningful connections will keep happening.

i've decided to call my new blog "wright now." (thanks to the blog reader who suggested this!) it will be a chronicling of what's happening with the wright family currently (ish...i'm sure i'll get behind from time to time! right now i am massively behind!!) and also hopefully a little reminder to live in and savor the right now.  because as cheesy and trite as it sounds, i do really believe that there is wonder and magic and goodness all around us in our present, when we look for it.

the new blog is totally not "ready" - it's currently just on a random default theme and i am planning to design and format it over the next few months. i've published a few posts as i've been digging myself out of a mountain of photos i have to organize from the past few months ... and we'll see how it evolves.

and that's a wrap on "dripping with passion"!
click here to go to "wright now" :)

some thoughts on a wednesday |52|



this break from blogging has been an interesting experience. the way my photos and thoughts have been piling up, disorganized and unshared, makes me feel anxious. arranging memories and reflections into blog posts helps my mind to un-jumble and my perspective to settle - i miss that exercise. 

the past six weeks or so have just been so wild and i haven't been able to devote time to work on a new system for blogging. days and weeks have been full and whipping past. some travel adventures ended up stacked right together - first a long weekend in holland, then a week in dominican republic, then a trip to disneyland and paris right after having ian's parents in town for a visit. it has been amazing ... and also a bit exhausting all in a row! i have been sorting through some kind of concerning health issues and have been trying to not let my spirit break too much with some significant knee issues in my marathon training. work has been wild in new ways for ian, there's been some worries about tiny gabriel's development, and moses is having (an expected but nonetheless stressful!) surgery next week. phew! it's just a crazy time for our family. 

i am hoping that, come june, life will even out a little. and i'll dig myself out from under the piled up photos and thoughts and start blogging again (on a new wordpress site, yay). this wednesday, i had some extra nap-time-free-time so i wanted to share some random thoughts to help me to not get toooo far behind! 

seeing the tulip (and, bonus!, hyacinth) fields in holland is something i've had on my bucket list for a long time and it totally exceeded my high expectations. we visited keukenhof, the most jaw-droppingly, literally breathtaking gardens and both biked and drove around the rural flower fields, finding immense treasures. i wish i could bottle up the smell of the hyacinths and the so-vivid-it-kind-of-hurts-your-eyes colours of the tulips. god is such an incredible artist, and admiring the varied wonders of the earth teaches me that god loves diversity. 

i have been extremely healthy continuously, with very few exceptions, for almost thirty three years. before i started training for a marathon, i assumed that the months leading up to the race would be some of my very healthiest. but actually, i've felt kind of generally crappy physically pretty much since the end of last year. i'm still trying to figure out exactly what is going on, but this experience has made me feel so grateful for the vibrant health i've been lucky to live with all my life. 

our boys are just growing and growing. gabriel turned one and is more little boy than baby these days. moses is coming up with all kinds of original ideas, always asking alexa (as in our amazon dot!) questions, and working on writing his name. they are both so much fun and i cannot even handle how crazy much i love them. they adore each other and make each other giggle every day. life as their full-time carer is chaotic and awesome. 

london in bloom is just the best. after the magnolias came the cherry blossoms and the wisteria and there's a treasure of flowers around every corner it seems. when we moved into our flat last october, we liked the vine climbing along the railing and up the side of the building ... but we didn't know it was wisteria until spring came! i was ecstatic. this spring that wisteria vine again brought me so, so much joy. imagine my horror when i left our flat yesterday with the boys in the double buggy to see the vine completely chopped off the railing! they are doing some construction right next door and the workers just hacked it right off. i was talking to moses about my sadness about this and he said, "but mom! there's still some wisteria!" he's right - the vine is still on the side of the building ... and i loved his reminder that even when some is lost it definitely doesn't mean all is lost! :) 

i have been learning a lot from the experience of having significant knee issues as i've reached the climax of my marathon training. a 12 mile run became 7 in holland when i had a lot of (what was by then recurring) i.t. band tightness. and then i had to stop at mile 11 of an 18 mile run a couple of weeks ago when my right knee was screaming with pain. this was so defeating for me, and it broke my spirit quite a bit. i laid in the bath after getting home, letting tears slide down my cheeks and into the bath water. i have had this marathon goal for so long, have planned my training around babies and jobs, have worked really hard and have been so pumped about it. as the weeks have continued to pass and the pain has continued to persist, i have explored lots of different advice, have visited several physical therapists, and have petitioned god earnestly for guidance and strength. now, two and a half weeks from the race, i have acknowledged that my run will very likely not look the way i hoped and envisioned. and i have acknowledged, after some mental work, that that's okay. there's a lot of paradoxical power in letting go. 

i can't say enough how much i love love love my childhood friend caitlin connolly's artwork. every time i visit her website i find new pieces that touch me so deeply. the sketch at the top of this post is a perfect depiction of what our family life feels like often these days. in the past few weeks have felt a lot like "leaning against something unknown":
but i've been trying to be "a willing woman," turning to heaven for inspiration:
and attempting to "stand with my burdens placed under my feet," looking with hope and light toward the future:

the week we spent in the dominican republic with my parents and siblings, to celebrate my parents' fiftieth anniversary, was pretty dreamy. truly - it honestly feels like a surreal dream looking back on. it was so wonderful to be with people we love so much and to enjoy golden sun and the warm teal sea and a perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. 

my angel mother-in-law watched our kids while we were on that trip. we could never, ever thank her enough for that incredible gift. moses and gabriel had a blast with grandma and we didn't worry about them for a second. grandpa joined the party after we returned to london and it was so great to have ian's parents here with us for a week. they are leaving in july for a three year church mission. so glad we got that precious time in with them before they go! 

i've been listening to michelle obama's book on my runs and when doing housework. i've found it so fascinating and engaging. ian and i rewatched the movie about time a couple weeks ago, and by the end i was sobbing. such a great, inspiring film. we went to the musical come from away last month and by the end of that we were both crying. we absolutely loved it. 

two things that i think are totally worth the hype: disneyland, and paris. we thoroughly enjoyed both last week. it was so fun see the wonder in our boys' eyes at disneyland, and i just love paris more every time i go there (i loved it to start, and now i'm head over heels).

i've been writing the last bit of this post over a long period of time because both boys are now awake and i'm interrupted about every twenty seconds ;) so that's it for now ... i hope to be back soon! 


an undesired blogging break


because of some changes with how blogger works as a blogging platform, i won't be posting here for a while. i need to figure out a new way to do this because blogger won't allow me to format blog posts in the way that i want to (to preserve layout and photo quality). i will likely be switching to wordpress, and with that probably doing the blog "rebrand" i've been meaning to do for ages.

i'm frustrated by this and also hate the feeling of getting so behind in organising my photos and thoughts! while i sort it all out, i'll continue to post a bit on instagram, if you want to keep following along with our family's adventures.

if there's anyone out there with blogger/wordpress, html, or graphic design expertise that they want to share,
shoot me an email! {charityeyre@gmail}

ten thoughts from a wednesday |51|

IMG 1407 2 IMG 0915 2
IMG 6974 2 IMG 0821 2

here's ten thoughts that i didn't quite get around to writing out and publishing yesterday. and a crazy amount of pictures of magnolia trees around london, because i just can't get enough. a couple of days ago on a walk home, moses shouted, "mommy! there's a magnolia tree! you love magnolia trees!" :)

thanks for the comments back on this post when i asked for thoughts about sharing details about my children online. i really appreciated the different perspectives shared, and i think it's a really interesting discussion. ian and i will continually be carefully considering what is best for our family, all things considered. the internet has changed so much about human life ... it's crazy.

IMG 0919 2 IMG 0926 2
moses loves going to the grocery store, riding in the cart, and then playing in the little green recycling truck toy they have there. this week gabriel came inside the truck for the first time, while mo ate a snack of his absolute favourite food - mango.
IMG 0948 2 IMG 0940 2

on a related topic, i've been thinking about screen time a lot lately - for myself and for my children. (my interest in this topic led me to collect some information from fellow parents via instagram stories recently.) i feel like both growing up and parenting today is so different than it was a generation ago because of the ubiquitousness of screens, and i really want to be deliberate in how to handle that. we have a pretty firm no screens policy for our kids (with a big fat exception for airplanes), which i feel good about for now, but i am not a very good example in my own screen time. (i feel like i mention my phone addiction so often in my ten thoughts posts...do i sound like a broken record?!) i need to find a way to both accept that it's all a work in progress and be really determined to be better.

IMG 0944 2
i love to spy on the boys on my way home from the gym or a run in the mornings. look at these three happy guys! sooo glad they are mine. 
IMG 0895 2 IMG 0898 2
the natural history museum is one of my all-time favourite buildings in the world. i love it for the architecture. obsessed-with-animals moses loves it for the taxidermy :) 

i have been loving the new "come, follow me" program that our church has introduced in 2019. it is set up so well for family and individual study, along with community study at church. we have a little "sunday lesson" every sabbath morning and moses is always sooo pumped for it. (the primary manual has so many great activity ideas that we use!) then ian and i have a little study session after the kids are in bed on sunday evenings.
one thing i've been thinking about lately in our study of the new testament is how paradoxical christ's teachings are.

i cannot believe that gabriel is nearly eleven months old. it all goes by even faster the second time around. he's almost one. what!!! his first birthday falls on easter, which i think is pretty cool. gabey has been pulling up to standing at every opportunity and i think he might be an earlier walker than moses was. we will see!

IMG 1325 2 IMG 1423 2
mo is pretty much constantly giving his little brother hugs. and has come to adore his weekly music class - especially the bubbles at the end!
IMG 0903 2 IMG 0964 2

have i ever mentioned how much i love joy school? ha! it's just the best, and i'm so so grateful that moses and i have been able to do it over the past six months with dear friends.
last sunday we had a little first-term joy school graduation. a couple of our little friends cannot continue with the second term, and we wanted to celebrate them before they leave our group for nursery school. we gathered all the families together and had a cute little ceremony and then had some time to play all together. it was so wonderful.
one of the moms (who has taken the lead in organizing our joy school group) gave a little talk to kick off the graduation gathering. she explained that over the past six months the kids have learned about lots of "joys": the joy of the earth, the joy of the body, the joy of honesty and communication, the joy of order and goals, and the joy of sharing and service. but, she said, the biggest "joy" we have learned about is the joy of friendship. this is so true. it has been so fun to watch these little boys and girls become such loving friends and discover how friends make life so great.

IMG 7023 2IMG 7024 26bf43966 f72c 4cef 9f6f 54ccda6e7f93 2

i have recently switched from using picasa to lightroom for editing photos. it's a whole new system and process and i'm definitely riding a learning curve. there's soooo many options and details with photo editing (i'm still not even sure which version of lightroom i want to use!). while i don't want to spend a whole ton of time on this, i am interested in developing some skills in this area. if you know any great lightroom tutorials, let me know! ;)

IMG 0824 2 IMG 0984 2

i feel lucky to be a part of a great community of moms here in london, thanks in most part to the church. we have a whatsapp group of about fifty moms where we are often exchanging tips and organizing get togethers. there's also a lot of sharing of baby/kid clothes/gear going on, which i love. after having lots of one-off meetups to pass things off (both for borrowing and keeping) with different moms, a few weeks ago i thought it might make sense for us to all get together in one place with our donate piles and have a little swap meet party! it turned out to be a really fun evening that turned into a late night gab-fest after all the clothes and toys and etc were sorted, and everyone went home with some goods. so grateful for community.

usually, when i drop moses off at joy school, i hustle to a nearby coffee shop (with gabriel sleeping in the buggy) and pretty frantically try to get stuff done on my computer. last week, though, i decided spontaneously to drop that plan for a day and treat myself to a walk through notting hill while the baby snoozed. that was good for my soul. here's a few snapshots from along portobello road:

IMG 1270 2
IMG 1282 2 IMG 1288 2
IMG 1291 2 IMG 1303 2
IMG 1293 2 IMG 1296 2 IMG 1299 2
IMG 1307 2 IMG 1314 2IMG 1278 2

my sister-in-law told me this past week that her parenting mantra lately is, "he only has half a brain." that's definitely been going through my head as well recently! and my mom sent me an email the other day that said, "remember, just like a baby has to learn to move their arms, a toddler has to learn to control their will."

IMG 1323 2 IMG 1388 2
IMG 1393 2 IMG 1432 2
IMG 0976 2

last saturday i ran a half marathon! i have run two halves before, and both times i felt sooo exhilarated all thirteen miles, and genuinely loved every minute. year, not this time. it was really, really windy and the course was just six and a half laps around a not-very-scenic park. i hadn't slept very well the week leading up to the race and probably also hadn't eaten enough to properly fuel my body. by mile nine i was huuuurting. but...i made it to that finish line! i didn't beat my previous half-marathon time, which i thought would be cool to do, but i did finish in under two hours, which i was happy about. now i just need to run at least that far about a half a dozen more times and then twice that far in about eleven weeks in stockholm. eeeeeek!
as i ran last saturday, through the exhaustion, i felt just so grateful for my healthy body and my beautiful life.

IMG 6983 2 IMG 6986 2
the only good part about a race route that goes around and around in circles is that it makes it easy for spectactors to see their favourite runners several times throughout the race! :) mo was super excited when he saw me coming this time ^^ (i'm the runner in all black in the distance)
IMG 1392 2IMG 1402 2 IMG 1443 2

happy wednesday thursday!