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the test is over!!!

last saturday, ian took the third and final round of the cfa exam. after three years of intense study, we are dooooone!! ian has done an amazing job juggling everything in life as he's put in countless hours of preparation for these tests, and passing all three is a huge  accomplishment. (we don't get the results of level three until september, but we are optimistic.) the studying has been intense for me as well as ian had to take time away from home and the boys and as i've done my best to support all his hard work. the relief that has come from it all being over is gigantic, and it feels so wonderful to be able to move on as a family. moses, gabriel and i went to the testing center to see ian when he finished the exam. my heart was racing as we waited for the doors of the room he was in to open. we were all pretty pumped and i was sooo glad to hear ian say he felt pretty good about his performance. (you never know ... but fingers crossed!) we rode the emirates airline -

some q&a

  i have had a list of questions asked by blog readers (many of which i have promised to answer!) sitting in a draft post for ages. finally today i found some time to get to three of them! i'll keep working through the list and, as always, i am super happy for any reader of this blog to ask me  anything  in a comment. I was wondering if you could share some of your thoughts on integrating into a new country and culture. Such as building a support network, starting a family, and finding time to communicate with those in different time zones. I would like to hear about what things/customs seem strange in London. Also what you miss the most from the USA (not counting family). What are some things you think the US should adopt from England? Not big political stuff - just everyday things. I would be interested in what you miss about the US (is it just what you can get in the grocery store? Is it a particular place? Restaurants? Activities?). ian and i absolutely love living in eng

the wright brothers, 2 months and 2 years old

    you know what is really hard? getting a good picture of a two month old and an almost two year old together! this morning gabriel was grinning and cooing like crazy and somehow ian convinced moses to lay down next to his brother and smile. mo is cheesing it pretty hard and we didn’t quite capture the peaks of gabe’s smiles in the iphone photos i snapped, but i’ll take what i can get! gabriel turned two months old yesterday, and moses turns two years old in a couple of weeks! they are both learning and growing and changing so quickly, so i wrote down some tidbits to help us remember the fun stages they are currently in. i genuinely cannot believe how crazy much i love these two little boys! ——— moses thames eyre wright @ twenty three months old ———    ^^ gone are the days of having a fun little “photo shoot” with moses to get some great pictures of him that capture what he looks like at a certain age. lately moses is just  not  into posing or smiling for the camera, or even loo